Chapter 383: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (5)

    Chapter 383: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (5)

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    Master Xia's expression sank at the thought of this, he did not even waste the time to leave orders and instead turned quickly on his heel. The anxiety in the space between his brows was obvious. No wonder the Lord Divine Beast had not shown himself when the Weapon Refining Sect had arrived, it seems that something has happened to him...

    "Honorable Poison Master, I need your help."

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and turned towards the Honorable Poison Master, she spoke in a serious manner.

    "Little girl, tell me if there's anything you need. As long as I can help, I will not reject your request."

    "Good, then follow me. Ah, right. Bring Xia Qi along too. He still has his uses."

    Once she finished speaking, she quickly ran after Master Xia, quickening her pace and making great haste.

    At this moment, within the secret chamber of the Xia Household, Lingxiao lay weakly within the matrix, holding his head in exhaustion. Suddenly, he sensed footsteps from outside the door and tried to stand up with all his might. But he was unable to support himself and fell heavily back onto the ground.



    Tianqiong charged into the secret room, heading quickly towards Lingxiao. Once he felt his frail aura, his face changed greatly, "What happened?"

    Logically speaking, the Master had given him a longevity pill. He should be able to live for another ten years.

    Lingxiao smiled bitterly, "I will indeed live for another ten years. But... That person has obviously sensed that I've met all of you so he built this matrix. With a single thought, he can place me in a condition worse than death."


    Tianqiong frowned, wishing to say something but kept his peace in the end. He turned his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Master, would you be able to help Lingxiao?"

    "I'm here to help him," Gu Ruoyun looked at Lingxiao, then set her sights onto Xia Qi who was behind her, held captive by the Honorable Poison Master. "I knew what had happened when I heard Lingxiao's cry. But with my current level of strength, I cannot save him. However, I can create a body double so that whenever that person wishes to do anything to Lingxiao, it will be transferred to the body double instead."

    He did not know why, but when he saw the way Gu Ruoyun had looked at him, Xia Qi felt a shiver going down his spine. The shock in his eyes quickly turned into panic as he screamed, "What are you doing?"

    "Are you not loyal and devoted to the Divine Beast of your Xia Family? Then I suppose you should be extremely willing to sacrifice yourself for him."

    "You..." Just as Xia Qi was about to retort, he suddenly realized what was going on and widened his eyes in astonishment, "What did you just say? That half-dead old man is the Divine Beast of the Xia Family?"


    Lingxiao growled, clearly unsatisfied with his words. That one growl made Xia Qi feel as if his heart had been gripped tightly by a strong hand and he couldn't breathe.

    In that instant, Xia Qi's face turned ashen. In contrast with the choking feeling, most of it was a feeling of dread towards the details surrounding Gu Ruoyun.

    He finally understood why his father had invited her to the Xia Family home.

    He now knew why his father had shielded her so fiercely.

    As it turns out, the Azure Dragon in her possession was acquainted with the Lord Divine Beast of the Xia Family!

    "Master Xia, I would like him to help Lingxiao. Would you regret this?" Gu Ruoyun asked, glancing at Master Xia with a half smile on her face.

    Master Xia's heart shook and he gently closed his eyes. After a long pause, he slowly opened them again.

    But in that moment, he seemed to have aged ten years.
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