Chapter 384: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (6)

    Chapter 384: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (6)

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    "Gu girl, this is his retribution. Let it be as you have suggested."

    Even though he did not like Xia Qi and had always wanted to punish him; when that moment arrived he felt a pinch in his heart. But when he thought of everything Xia Qi had done, he hardened his resolve.

    As his father, he had been ready to forgive Xia Qi regardless of what he had done as long as he was willing to change.

    But there was one thing that he simply could not forgive - the slaughter of one's own kin!

    Especially since he was the cause behind the disappearance of his precious grandchild.

    So, no matter what Gu Ruoyun had planned to do to him, he would have no objections...

    "Good. Honorable Poison Master, I will need your help in this. Next, I'll let him go in and accompany Lingxiao, seeing as he's been wanting to obtain him so much. So let's give him this opportunity."

    Gu Ruoyun looked at Xia Qi's pale white face and spoke steadily.

    "Little girl, just tell me what to do when the time comes."

    The Honorable Poison Master nodded his head.

    He may not have a good reputation in the mainland but he would never have murdered his siblings for the sake of succession! He had once gone up against the Three Great Authorities because someone had conspired to murder his younger brother, the Master of his family. In the end, he destroyed his enemy's entire family in order to avenge his brother. Because of this, the Three Great Authorities had sought to hunt him down in order to execute him...

    "Then please accept my apologies for the inconvenience."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled lightly before turning back towards Master Xia, "Master Xia, would it be alright if you were to leave us for a bit?"


    Master Xia sighed then made his way out of the secret chamber.

    He understood Gu Ruoyun's reasons for doing so but no matter what, blood was thicker than water. She had not wished for him to witness this heartbreaking scene...

    "No! Father, I don't want to stay here. I've sinned, take me away, I won't do it again!"

    Realizing that Master Xia was on his way out, Xia Qi began screaming frantically. He reached out his hands to grab onto the corner of Master Xia's robes but was violently pulled away by the Honorable Poison Master...


    Xia Qi's body fell heavily to the ground, shivering from the pain. He raised his head just in time to see Master Xia's figure disappear from the secret chamber. He let out a heart-rendering shriek.


    Outside the secret chamber, Master Xia stumbled in his footsteps. He slowly closed his eyes and opened them again. He continued walking without glancing back...

    He walked further and further away. Soon, the voice behind him faded away...


    The Xia Family's farce this time was regarding the unsettled matter of Xia Qi's disappearance. The fewer who knew of the matters surrounding Lingxiao, the better. That's why Master Xia gave no explanation regarding Xia Qi's whereabouts. Hence, everyone assumed that he had died by the Honorable Poison Master's hand.

    Of course, in the present moment, Xia Qi was not dead yet. But his fate wasn't very much different from death.

    When that matter had been thoroughly settled, the Honorable Poison Master decided to leave. Despite how much Master Xia had urged him to stay, he only waved his hand and disappeared without looking back...

    Soon, it was also time for Gu Ruoyun to set off on her journey to the Dongfang Family home.This time, in contrast with her first journey, Qianbei Ye was not the only one following her. Luo Li, who had decided to run after her, would be joining them as well...

    "Little girl, are you really leaving? Perhaps you could stay for just one more day."

    Compared to his courteousness towards the Honorable Poison Master, Master Xia was far more genuine to Gu Ruoyun.

    This girl has aided the Xia Family in a great many things, he simply could not repay her deeds.

    "I should leave now. I will come back again. Additionally..." Gu Ruoyun paused, then continued speaking, "Lingxiao will not be able to help the Xia Family out of any future situations. From now on, the Xia Family must rely on themselves. Otherwise, if you were to meet with an enemy like the Weapon Refining Sect again... You can only await death."
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