Chapter 387: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (9)

    Chapter 387: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (9)

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    At this moment, at the Devil Sect's headquarters on a mountain peak, a young slender girl sat at the top of an old tree with her hand on her cheek. Her freckled face glowed in the light of the setting sun.

    Behind her, the disciples of the Devil Sect stared straight at the young girl in front of them.

    The girl's looks were not particularly outstanding, especially with that freckled face. There were also countless scars all over her fair white skin that could not be erased. However, the young girl's personality would make anyone feel helplessly attracted to her.

    "Luo... Lady Luo."

    One disciple finally gathered enough courage and approached the young girl from the under the old tree. The disciple asked, "Lady Luo, would it be alright if I could request for your guidance regarding a question on cultivation?"

    During the past few days, ever since General Luo had been removed from his position in Azure Dragon Country and joined the Devil Sect to help Gu Ruoyun train her disciples, he has grown into a strong Martial King thanks to the nutrition of the countless pills from the Devil Sect. And Luo Yin too had surprisingly broken through to the rank of a Martial General.

    Of course, her hard work was not unrelated to Gu Ruoyun.

    She did not wish to rely on the Devil Sect to gain a foothold. Instead, she chose to rely on her own strength.

    Obviously, she was successful!

    Even though her talents were not as astonishing as Moyu and the rest, she has become a well-known figure amongst the youth of her age.

    Suddenly, a familiar figure from far ahead caught her eye. Luo Yin stared blankly for a moment before quickly regaining her senses and rushed quickly towards the young girl.

    Gu Ruoyun had evidently spotted her as well and paused in her tracks. She looked at the freckled young girl and smiled, "Luo Yin, how was it like, living here? Were you able to adapt to the conditions of this place?"

    Slowly, Luo Yin stopped. Her eyes never left that faintly smiling face.

    Memories of that frail, weak-looking face came rushing back into her mind's eye. She could still remember how she would always hide behind her every time someone bullied her. Her heart had lamented.

    It's been four years and in just that short period of time, the once weak young girl has now become so strong and had even founded such a powerful organization. Those who had once oppressed her and stepped on her, would they have been able to imagine that she would reach a day like this?

    "Gu Ruoyun, you've returned."

    Luo Yin smiled. It goes without saying that the smile on her freckled face looked absolutely comforting. It gave off a very warm feeling.

    "Yes, I'm back." Gu Ruoyun smiled, no matter how powerful she would become in the future, this person before her would always be her life-long friend.

    Friendship amongst youth is always a beautiful thing. It's never complicated with self-interest. During that year, before she had grown her wings, Luo Yin was the only one who had stood up for her.

    A friendship like this, even when the seas run dry and the stones go soft, will never change, not even until the end of time.

    "Luo Yin, this time I've returned with someone," As Gu Ruoyun spoke, she pulled Luo Li out from behind her and said, " This is Luo Li. I want to arrange for her initiation into the Devil Sect. At the same time, please find an expert in poisons to educate her. I want her to create poisons!"

    Besides, before the Honorable Poison Master had left, he promised Gu Ruoyun that he would come for five days every month to teach Luo Li. This was also the Honorable Poison Master's initiative. He could already see Luo Li's potential in crafting poisons from the beginning.

    Do not underestimate a poison specialist. For the powers of a poison specialist would be easily be reflected in the future. Otherwise, even a powerful cultivator like the Honorable Sir Tianqi would not have run away every time he saw the Honorable Poison Master. Indeed, the poisonous gas all over his body was far too terrifying. One false move and he himself would die without even knowing the cause.
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