Chapter 392: The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? (4)

    Chapter 392: The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? (4)

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    Amongst the bustling crowd, Dongfang Shaoze gently waved his fan. His calm, limpid eyes fell upon the young girl as he sighed helplessly, "Honestly, I wanted so much to reveal your identity. You have the blood of the Dongfang Family running through your veins, how could a subordinate bully you in this manner? But I believe that you do not recognize yourself as a part of the Dongfang Family. So I guessed that you might not want to admit to your identity then."

    Gu Ruoyun blinked and smiled, "I do not acknowledge the Dongfang Family, but I acknowledge you, my uncle!"

    "Little girl," Dongfang Shaoze paused in his steps, "I will wait. I will wait until the day when you are willing to acknowledge the Dongfang Family. When that day comes, I will tell the world that you, Gu Ruoyun, are my niece. And that you are the pride of the Dongfang Family."

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes moved but she did not say anything more.

    Long ago, the Dongfang Family had refused to help her parents. This was a hurdle that her heart refuses to overcome. Perhaps, she would never be able to acknowledge the Dongfang Family in this life...

    "Alright, little girl. I know that you have a lot of misunderstandings towards the Dongfang Family but it's alright. I can wait. Now, your maternal grandfather wishes to see you. I will take you to him."

    Gu Ruoyun paused in silence before nodding her head gently, "Okay."


    At the Dongfang Family home.

    It may not have the splendor and flourish of the secular world, but it did have a substantial amount of ancient charm. The gardens were filled with all sorts of medicinal herbs that help in increasing a person's powers. Even the house was built with Heavenly Incense Wood.

    At the present moment, in the Dongfang Family's study, the air was serious and depressing. An old man with hair on his temples sat in front of his desk, casting a sharp and dignified gaze at the young girl in green before him. When he spoke, a faint coercion dispersed into the air.

    "You are Gu Ruoyun? Yu'er's daughter? My maternal granddaughter?"

    Sensing the coercion, Gu Ruoyun smiled coldly, and replied unmovingly, "I'm indeed Gu Ruoyun, daughter of Dongfang Yu. However, I am not your maternal granddaughter."


    Hearing this, Dongfang Shaoze's expression changed immediately, and he hurriedly shot a look at Gu Ruoyun before staring worriedly at the old man's sinking expression.

    "Hmph!" Master Dongfang scoffed coldly, and replied severely, "Little girl, is this how you treat your elders? No matter what, I am still your maternal grandfather. Nothing can change that fact!"

    "Maternal grandfather?" Gu Ruoyun laughed disdainfully, "My maternal grandfather is not the kind of person who would watch his own daughter die and do nothing! My maternal grandfather is not a weak little coward, who was unable to protect his own daughter! I do not blame you for your inability to protect my mother, but to grin and bear the fact that my mother was murdered... Can you even be considered a father?"

    Just as Gu Ruoyun spoke these words, she could clearly feel the air in the study grow even more somber, it was suffocating...

    Dongfang Shaoze could not help but feel anxious. His father had a bad temper and Yun'er was not the kind of person who would simply give in. If both of them were to start fighting, he might not be able to soothe them no matter how much he tried...

    In that instant, Master Dongfang's face turned into an ugly shade. Even Gu Ruoyun though that he was going to flip out against her. However, no one knew why but he did not explode in anger. Instead, he replied coldly, "Ze'er, take her away, I do not wish to see her for the time being."

    "Yes, father."

    Dongfang Shaoze wiped the sweat off his brow then escorted Gu Ruoyun out of the study. Only when he felt a cold breeze did he realize that his entire body was drenched in sweat. He laughed bitterly.

    "Yun'er, were you trying to frighten your uncle to death? My father has a horrible temper but he really doesn't have a bad heart. He had his reasons for that which had happened in the past."
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