Chapter 396: The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? (8)

    Chapter 396: The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? (8)

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    The bond of slavery contract is the lowest form of contract. Even if there were other contracted spiritual beasts under the same master, the slave would always remain one level below them. This was because the other spiritual beasts had signed an equal contract. As Yan was determined to form a bond of slavery contract, that meant that he had no position of power amongst Gu Ruoyun's party members. Any of her spiritual beasts can abuse him or give him orders.

    You could say that he was now suffering the consequences of his actions.

    Had he not disobeyed her orders, perhaps he would not have become a lowly slave.

    "I am willing."

    Yan gritted his teeth as he spoke.

    Who had allowed her to become the Sovereign King's woman? Forget about the bond of slavery contract, if she wanted him to die in front of her now, he couldn't even complain.

    "Remember your promise."

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised her eyes before she calmly said, "Should you ever betray me, I will give you a fate worse than death!"

    "I swear, from this moment on, I will protect you with my life. As long as I'm living, I will allow no harm to come to you!"

    Yan swore to the heavens with his eyes full of resolve.

    "Since that's the case, then come here. We will form the bond of slavery contract. You know the tyrannical nature of this particular contract so it's still not too late to back out."

    "Master, I will not regret this."

    His life had been saved by this man and if he didn't care to whom he wished to gift him to, he would have no objections.

    Gu Ruoyun slowly placed her hand onto Yan's head. In an instant, a cool sensation coursed through his mind from her palm. He then felt a hand clutch his soul in a tight grip. Finally, a mark appeared on his soul.

    Yan's body trembled slightly but he showed no signs of struggle from the beginning.

    Because the bond of slavery contract had such tyrannical restrictions, there were also dangers when forming the contract. If Yan were to suddenly regret his decision during the process, Gu Ruoyun would also end up being seriously injured.

    But he didn't do anything, allowing Gu Ruoyun to carve a mark of eternal loyalty and devotion in his soul.

    "It's done."

    Gu Ruoyun removed her hand and spoke calmly, "You can leave now, come out again when I need you."

    "Yes, Master."

    Now, Yan replied with reverence and respect. His eyes no longer held their initial arrogance.

    His small body then flashed before he disappeared from Gu Ruoyun's eyes...


    In the study, an old man with hair all over his temples frowned as he read the book in his hand. His face remained buried in it even when faced with the man in embroidered robes who stood in front of him. "If there's nothing else, you can leave." He said.

    Dongfang Shaoze stared blankly for a moment and sighed helplessly, "Father, actually, I only want to speak to you about one thing. That maternal granddaughter of yours has a temper that's more vigorous than yours, so I hope..."


    The old man slammed his hand on the table and sulkily replied, "So, what you're saying is that as her elder, I should give way? Look at her, she doesn't acknowledge the Dongfang Family and that was still acceptable. But she did not even acknowledge me, her grandfather! She even went so far to say that she doesn't have a maternal grandfather like me! Don't forget that Yu'er's blood runs through her veins and my blood runs through Yu'er's veins. I am her maternal grandfather even if she refuses to acknowledge it, it will not change that!"

    "Father, with an explosive temper like yours, it'd be a wonder if she gave in to you." Dongfang Shaoze sighed, "This little girl has always been amenable to coaxing but not coercion. If you could be a little softer, perhaps her heart will soften."

    The old man was so angry that his beard was in disarray and his already ashen face grew uglier by the minute.

    "You want me to become a little softer? My apologies, this is the temper of the Master of this house, it will not change! Whether she wants to acknowledge me, her maternal grandfather, that's up to her. You want me to give in to a person of the younger generation? I'm telling you, that is impossible!"
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