Chapter 398: Enemies On A Narrow Road (2)

    Chapter 398: Enemies On A Narrow Road (2)

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    "Mother, she's not big sister. big sister has passed away."

    An unbearable disturbance flashed across Dongfang Shaoze's face. Ever since the news of big sister's death had reached her ears, their mother had locked herself in the mountain and refused to leave.

    "Yes, Yu'er has passed away, how could a dead person return to life?"

    Pu tong!

    The beautiful woman's legs gave way and she crumpled back onto the rattan chair. Her luxurious, jade-like hand clutched her chest tightly, it hurts so much that she could barely breathe!

    After so many years, this was the kind of pain that has become her companion, it never ceased.

    "Ze'er, this young lady must be Yu'er's daughter? Whom you've mentioned to me? My maternal granddaughter Gu Ruoyun?" The beautiful woman calmed herself and her alluring eyes stared foolishly at the features that greatly resembled those of Dongfang Yu, "Alike, far too much alike. She might be younger than Yu'er, more innocent, but from her outlines, I can see traces of Yu'er. Yun'er, please come here and let me have a good look at you. I've heard about your predicament from Ze'er. My poor little darling, you've been through so much over the years."

    When faced with the woman before her, Gu Ruoyun was not as headstrong as she was when she had met with Master Dongfang. She walked towards Lan Yuge obediently and smiled gently, "Maternal grandmother, I'm here to visit you."


    Lan Yuge pulled the young woman into her embrace and exclaimed tearfully, "Yun'er, my good child, these years must have been troubling for you. It's all our fault, your maternal grandfather and grandmother have been useless, unable to help you and caused you to suffer such bitterness. It must not have been easy for you to have journeyed so far."

    As she spoke, Lan Yuge felt a pang a hurt.

    This child was only a little over ten years old, she thought. A child just over ten years of age, having to wander the world all alone, enduring dangers that not many would have had to face. Such a young lady at her age should be spoiled in the arms of her parents. Yet she had lost both her parents at such a young age.

    "Mother, I'll leave you and Yun'er alone to chat. I'll take my leave."

    Seeing how Gu Ruoyun did not reject Lan Yuge, Dongfang Shaoze felt a weight lift off from his heart and left the space to the two of them. He turned around and left the lonely little cottage...

    After he left, the cottage fell into silence.

    Gu Ruoyun lay quietly in Lan Yuge's arms. In that moment, she felt her heart relax and she slowly closed her eyes as she enjoyed the warmth from the beautiful woman.

    "Yun'er, do you blame grandfather and grandmother? We had left you in Azure Dragon Country for so many years and never even came to meet you."


    Gu Ruoyun smiled. Actually, she was no longer the original Gu Ruoyun. But if the previous Gu Ruoyun had found out that she was actually the maternal grandchild of the Dongfang Family, after her death, she would probably blame them for sure.

    Because these people had never come to see her while she was still alive, not even once.


    Lan Yuge sighed gently, "I know that deep in your heart, you must be blaming us. I believe you've already met your maternal grandfather yesterday but I don't know if he had told you the true reason why the Dongfang Family had severed our ties with Yu'er."

    The true reason? Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow as she wondered, could it have something to do with that incident all those years ago?

    "Yun'er, your maternal grandfather has always had a far too straightforward personality. He likes putting everything in his heart. I know that you're blaming him, blaming him for not protecting your mother and blaming him for not protecting you and your brother. Actually, I blame him too. But I blame myself most of all."

    "Our Dongfang Family has far too many enemies. That year, many forces wanted to form an alliance to besiege the Dongfang Family. Coincidentally, your mother and father had fallen in love and had gone off to a faraway place. So your maternal grandfather did not tell your mother about this, especially since many powerful forces wanted to find your mother's whereabouts. So your maternal grandfather prodded your mother on purpose. Honestly, the matter of the Gu Family was only an excuse to allow your mother to change her identity and severe her ties with the Dongfang Family. It was all only an excuse. Your maternal grandfather thought that this would give your mother a more peaceful life."
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