Chapter 403: Burned The Old Farts Clothes (3)

    Chapter 403: Burned The Old Fart's Clothes (3)

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    "Great job, Dongfang Yan!"

    Master Dongfang was burning with rage. His severe gaze swept towards Dongfang Yan, "I've never been ungenerous with you yet you would dare to harm me! Your intentions are clear now! It seems that the position of General in the law enforcement team does not suit you, now I shall find someone else to replace you."

    Dongfang Yan stared blankly and her entire face was filled with astonishment.

    How could this be? She thought. Such a substandard lie, how could the Master believe her just like that?

    "Master, don't be blinded by that crafty and cunning woman. I'm innocent, Lin Shao can bear witness to this, I have never thought of inflicting harm on you, Master!"

    Hearing this, Lin Shao tried to open his mouth to help Dongfang Yan explain but was coldly cut off by Master Dongfang.

    "Little fellow from the Lin Family, if you have nothing else to do, stop sticking to the Dongfang Family all the time. Furthermore, I'm not clear on your relationship with Dongfang Yan so I cannot trust your word. Dongfang Yan, if you can find another witness to prove that she had framed you, then I shall believe your argument."

    Dongfang Yan nearly tried to suffocate herself to death.

    There were only the three of them in here, where else was she going to find another witness? In truth, Dongfang Yan could not understand how the Master's wisdom had diminished so much that he would actually believe that piece of nonsense so easily...


    Lin Shao trembled and he glanced at Dongfang Yan apologetically before joining his fists and bowing towards Master Dongfang, "Master Dongfang, I'll take my leave now."

    Once he said this, he quickened his pace and left without even looking back.

    "Dongfang Yan, after this, you will hand over your position as General on your own," Master Dongfang's stern gaze swept across Dongfang Yan then fiercely glared at Gu Ruoyun, "As for you, get yourself to the study, immediately."

    Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose as she thought, if I'm guessing this right, this old fart was shielding me?


    In the study.

    The atmosphere was full of caution, there was a pressure that could render anyone breathless.

    The old man had changed into a fresh set of robes, only his white hair and beard which had been singed off remained missing. Now, whenever he thought of that incident, his stomach would well up with a blazing rage, giving him an urge to fiercely vent his frustration.

    "Is setting a fire that much fun? Burning people, is that fun? Just how old are you already, and you're still playing with fire?"

    As he said this, the old man was so angered that he had a strong urge to teach the damned girl a lesson.

    "I've told you, it was Dongfang Yan who tried to harm you, that had nothing to do with me."

    Gu Ruoyun waved her hands and replied disapprovingly.

    "Lies, you're still lying!"

    The old man glared fiercely at her, "Don't think that I don't know the truth of the matter, you..."

    Suddenly, his voice came to an abrupt halt. His eyes stared dead ahead on the jade pendant that Gu Ruoyun was fidgeting with. He rose immediately from his seat and charged towards the young girl in front of him, raising his hand in an attempt to snatch the jade ornament from her.

    But Gu Ruoyun's eyes and hands were swift. Just as the old man reached out his hand, she quickly tucked the jade pendant away.

    "You... Damned girl! Where did you get that jade pendant from?" The old man's breathing quickened as he stared at Gu Ruoyun anxiously.

    Gu Ruoyun twitched her mouth, "Where is it from? It's a travel permit from maternal grandmother."


    The old man was greatly alarmed with everything he'd just heard. Then pulled his head in dismay while replying indignantly, "It's fine that she gave a jade pendant to Ze'er, but to actually give you one as well, you damned girl. She's being completely unfair to me. On what basis should you both be allowed to see her whenever you wish yet I'm only allowed to see her three times a year? Damned girl, hurry up and let me have a look at that jade pendant."
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