Chapter 404: Burned The Old Farts Clothes (4)

    Chapter 404: Burned The Old Fart's Clothes (4)

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    Gu Ruoyun shrugged, "You're calling me a 'damned girl' so why should I show it to you?"

    "You..." The old man's face was ashen as he glared at her and said, "Then what do you want? Don't forget, I am your maternal grandfather! What's wrong with letting your maternal grandfather have a look at that jade pendant?"

    "Aih," Gu Ruoyun shook her head and sighed softly, "I was thinking of trying to persuade maternal grandmother to come down from the mountain but I was born timid. If you yell and scold me like that, I would feel scared. I don't think I can stay in the Dongfang Family home any longer. Otherwise, you'd scare me to death so I've decided to leave now. As for maternal grandmother... I think you'd better persuade her yourself."

    The old man's face turned from green to white, then from white back to green, the changes were varied.

    One can imagine that Gu Ruoyun had certainly angered him to a high degree.

    After all, in Dongfang City, besides the person who now resides in the back mountain, who wouldn't see, hear and obey his words?

    This damned girl dares to threaten me! He thought. And unexpectedly, this threat was showing results!

    "You're probably the only one in this entire world who dares to speak to their elders in this manner," The old man was extremely furious, "Say it then, what would you need me to do in order for you to persuade your maternal grandmother to come down from the mountain? She's been there for over ten years now and I'm only allowed to see her three times a year. Only heaven knows how much of a torment this is. The fact that I haven't been forced into madness was already considered good enough."

    "In the future, use a better tone of voice when you are speaking to me."

    "You are also not allowed to decide on uncle's wedding, you are not allowed to force him into marrying anyone he doesn't like. And whomever he does like, regardless of what kind of person she is, you cannot stop him."

    "I want absolute freedom! That also means that I will not be confined within the Dongfang Family's restrictions. If my parents are still alive, you must accept my father. If they are truly gone, I want them to be enshrined in the Dongfang Family Ancestral Hall."

    "If you are able to promise these conditions, then I promise to help you persuade maternal grandmother into descending the mountain." Gu Ruoyun stared at Master Dongfang with a smile.

    Master Dongfang fell silent for a while before he replied, "Fine, I will agree to your conditions but I also have a request! Number one, your maternal grandmother's birthday is just half a month away, I hope that she will descend the mountain before then. Number two, on your maternal grandmother's birthday, I want to make an announcement to tell everyone that you are the maternal daughter of the Dongfang Family."


    Gu Ruoyun replied without a second thought, "I will agree to your request."

    Master Dongfang went momentarily blank. Previously, he thought, this girl had been adamant in refusing to acknowledge me as her maternal grandfather, yet now she's agreeing to do so?

    Actually, if it weren't for Lan Yuge's words and Master Dongfang's obvious display of favoritism earlier on, Gu Ruoyun probably would never have acknowledged the Dongfang Family...

    "You're really agreeing to this?" The old man still dared not believe his ears.

    This girl has always been wily and mischievous, could it be that she's plotting something?

    "It seems that you don't want me to agree," Gu Ruoyun sighed and said helplessly, "If that's the case, then I'll retract my statements in case anyone were to start thinking that I'm shamelessly sticking to your Dongfang Family."

    "What? Retract? No way!"

    Master Dongfang hurriedly pulled a face, "Haven't you heard of the phrase, 'a gentleman never takes back his word'? One should not go back on one's word so it's decided, you will now go immediately and help me persuade your maternal grandmother to come down from the mountain. I've already used up all my chances this year. I haven't seen her is so many months and I'll have to wait another five to six months for the next year. I really can't wait any longer. I used to only envy Ze'er alone but now you've appeared, you damned girl. You'll all surely anger me to an early grave!"
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