Chapter 406: Martial Emperor, Shocking the Four Corners of the World (2)

    Chapter 406: Martial Emperor, Shocking the Four Corners of the World (2)

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    If Master Dongfang ever finds out that he had looked so wretched in the eyes of his own son, he might have fainted in fury.

    "Of course, that's not all," Gu Ruoyun turned to Dongfang Shaoze and rolled her eyes, "I also said that if I don't leave, I can help him persuade maternal grandmother to come down from the mountain. That's why he became so fake."

    Upon hearing this, Dongfang Shaoze finally saw the light.

    No wonder Master Dongfang had behaved so inconsistently, it had all been because of Mother.

    As they say, everything has a weakness.

    The old man had a bad temper and an irritable personality but the only person in this entire world who could give him a happy and prosperous life was Mother.

    In the old man's eyes, Mother was his entire world. He listened to her every word. Everyone knew that most men on the mainland would have about three wives and four concubines. Only this old man had resisted the pressure from everyone and would only remain married to Mother alone. Luckily, Mother's powers and talents were strong and she soon helped him subdue the entire Dongfang Family.

    Perhaps it was due to the old man's influence that Dongfang Shaoze was determined to find only one person whom he could spend the rest of his life with.

    No matter how big the world was or how many beautiful women there were, they would not be worth one ten-thousandth part of the person in one's heart.

    "Yun'er," Dongfang Shaoze smiled faintly as he lovingly rubbed Gu Ruoyun's head, "Your maternal grandmother has stayed in that mountain for over ten years. I've tried many ways but failed to get her to leave. Now we can only depend on you, you are the daughter of my big sister. Only you can persuade her now."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "Don't worry, I'll do my best. This isn't just to threaten the old fart but also because my maternal grandmother had lived a tormented life. My parents' incident was not her fault, she doesn't need to punish herself in this way. And while she is punishing herself, other people are being punished as well. I can feel how much the old man longs for her and how much he loves her. So I'll definitely help. If my parents were still around, I'm sure they wouldn't want her to remain in this situation."

    Dongfang Shaoze's eyes filled with gentleness like the warm light of the sun and shone onto the young girl before him.

    "Oh, that's right. Yun'er, that man who was with you. What's the relationship between the both of you?"

    "You mean Xiao Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun was startled.

    Actually, she herself did not know what Xiao Ye truly means to her. The only thing she was sure of was the moment she could not forget, that the weariness in her heart seemed to completely disappear when she had opened her eyes in Heaven City to find the man's familiar face in front of her.

    Because of this, she understood that as long as he was around, nothing bad could happen.

    Even Gu Ruoyun herself could not comprehend when she had begun to trust and rely on this man whom she had picked up years ago. She had even told him her deepest secret that she had kept to herself all these years...

    Perhaps she was placing too much trust in him! The trust that she has for him far surpassed that of the man whom she had trusted the most in her past life.

    "Uncle, I don't know what we are, maybe friends? Best friends? Companions? However, I believe that Xiao Ye will never hurt me! Even if someone were to tell me one day that he wanted to harm me, I would not believe it! Besides, I have a strange feeling that we have both grown stronger in power from the time we've first met. This feeling has also been growing stronger by the day."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head and spoke with determination, "Besides, my trust in him had no origins which was why I've allowed him to remain by my side."

    The trust she had in Dongfang Shaoze was because they were related by blood. She trusted in Zixie because of the contract that exists between them, and also because Zixie was the only companion who had followed her through two lifetimes. However, when it comes to Qianbei Ye, she simply could not figure out where her trust in him had come from.
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