Chapter 412: Martial Emperor, Shocking the Four Corners of the World (8)

    Chapter 412: Martial Emperor, Shocking the Four Corners of the World (8)

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    It's said that buerger lespedeza root requires the blood of countless strong cultivators to reach maturity. They usually grow under extremely dangerous conditions on the mainland - in the wild lands where strong cultivators fight to survive. Upon hearing Lin Shao's announcement, many guests hurriedly stood from their seats and stared excitedly at the crimson wooden box that contained a buerger lespedeza root.

    "Oh?" Lan Yuge raised her eyebrows. "Then please send my gratitude to the Master of the Lin family for his effort. Servant, please accept this gift on my behalf."

    In Lan Yuge's eyes, one buerger lespedeza root may be worth a lot but not enough for her to forget her manners. So in order to maintain her reputation, she ordered a servant to accept the gift in her stead.

    The strong lead from Lin Shao had completely eclipsed the gifts from many of the other guests and he knew it. Many others felt too embarrassed about the gifts they had brought and were unsure of how to present them. Knowing this tickled him and he looked provocatively at Gu Ruoyun who was sitting next to Lan Yuge.

    "What gifts have you prepared for Mistress Lan, my lady?" he taunted, "Why not present them for all of us to see? Haha!"

    The crowd in the banquet hall fell silent. All eyes were on Lan Yuge's sunken face and everyone broke into a cold sweat for Lin Shao.

    Was this young man insane? Many wondered. Lan Yuge obviously loves this girl very much and he had actually dared to say such a thing... He must have had a death wish.

    Hearing his words, Lin Yue'er covered a smile as she looked at her brother with her lovely eyes.

    "Big brother," she said. "I am sure that her ladyship would have long prepared a highly valuable gift for Mistress Lan which would make your buerger lespedeza root pale in comparison! One must always present gifts of the highest value in private. So how could she possibly show it to you?"

    Lin Yu'er's tone held a slight hint of jealousy. To her, this woman was obviously trying to get close to the Dongfang family to become Dongfang Shaoze's wife.

    If she really harbored such intentions, she mused, Dongfang Shaoze certainly wouldn't want her.

    Looking at how fond Lan Yuge is of this woman, Lin Yu'er suspected that if the latter were to enter the Dongfang household, there may be many difficulties for herself in the future.

    It's best to let her be clear on where she stands, she decided. Some people were really beyond comprehension, just because she had gained favor from Mistress Lan doesn't mean that she can do whatever she likes.

    This time, it wasn't just Lan Yuge who became angered, even Master Dongfang had furrowed his brows. He glared disapprovingly at the Lin siblings as his voice cut like a knife's blade, "Members of the Lin family certainly enjoy throwing out assumptions, do they not? Whether she presented a gift or not is the Dongfang family's business. Since when does this involve the opinion of the Lin family, eh?"

    Master Dongfang's booming voice echoed in their heads. The Lin siblings shuddered and dared not say another word. Eventually, a thoroughly pale-faced Young Master Lin decided to bite the bullet.

    "Please don't be angry, Master Dongfang!" he pleaded. "I was merely curious. If the Master is unwilling to discuss this further, I will say no more."


    Before Master Dongfang could retort, the small figure seated next to him spoke.

    "Lady Lin, you're quite right. The value of my gift cannot be compared with one trivial buerger lespedeza root."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. Her tone was casual but her words struck into the hearts of those the hall like a heavy hammer. The crowd immediately burst into a lively discussion. No one had expected this young lady, who was barely on the cusp of womanhood, to dare make such an arrogant statement.
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