Chapter 423: The Trials (4)

    Chapter 423: The Trials (4)

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    "Xiao Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun said, looking a little awkward, "Actually, I..."

    Before she could finish her sentence, a gentle voice like a piece of jade suddenly sounded from behind them, "Yun'er, your maternal grandfather has asked for you to join him in the meeting hall. He wishes to speak to you."

    Dongfang Shaoze's words lightly snapped Gu Ruoyun out of her awkward state and she stuttered, "Xiao Ye, do you want to come with me?"

    Qianbei Ye stared blankly, What did Xiao Yun mean by this? Could it be that she's no longer angry with me?

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun did not wait for Qianbei Ye to step out of his blank state and turned towards Dongfang Shaoze with a smile, "Uncle, may I trouble you to escort us?"


    Dongfang Shaoze smiled as he swept his gaze from Gu Ruoyun to Qianbei Ye but said nothing more and turned towards the direction of the meeting hall.

    From afar, Gu Ruoyun could hear the sounds of a debate coming from the meeting room. She could not help but frown and a peculiar glint flashed across her eyes.


    At this moment in the meeting hall, the atmosphere was stern and suffocating.

    The elders argued amongst one another endlessly and Master Dongfang, the Head of the Dongfang family, knit his brows without saying a word. His elderly face was cold and grim, his eyes were lit with a sharp glint from within.

    "Master, I'm not chastising you but Gu Ruoyun is a person with a different surname. She's not even a member of the Dongfang family. Don't you know that daughters who have been married off cannot be retrieved? Her daughter clearly isn't related to the Dongfang family and besides, her ladyship left of her own accord without saying goodbye or with your permission. Her daughter is also spoiled and rude. Otherwise, she wouldn't have embarrassed Yan'er."

    The person who was speaking was Dongfang Yan's father, Dongfang Linli. He never expected that the girl responsible for his daughter's punishment would turn out to be the much-talked-about Gu Ruoyun!

    Most importantly, how could the Master let her represent the Dongfang family in the Divine Trials?

    How could they allow a person of a different surname to represent the family in such an important event like this? Even though she was now a part of the Dongfang Family, it doesn't change the fact that her surname is Gu!

    Master Dongfang did not speak but his face sank further and further by the minute.


    The sound of a giggle was heard, coming from the only woman amongst the group of elders. Her lips were curled into a smile as she cast a disdainful gaze towards Dongfang Linli, "Elder Linli, that girl's surname may be Gu but for goodness sake, her mother was Dongfang Yu. She has the blood of the Dongfang family flowing through her veins and that girl definitely has power. I don't believe that allowing her to represent the family would mean that the Dongfang family has no other representatives. Even if she does not have the Dongfang surname, it does not change the blood flowing in her veins."

    In her life, there were not many people who Dongfang Changjin would admire. Years ago, when she was still young and frivolous, the only person whom she had admired amongst the youth of her generation was Dongfang Yu.

    She once considered her a rival, because of her she had once rushed over from afar to fight with her.

    She still remembers that fateful day... That woman was dressed in snow-white robes and was standing tall above the clouds. Her eyes had seen nothing worthwhile around her. That day, she only used three techniques to defeat her once arrogant self.

    From then on, she changed her name to Dongfang and entered the Dongfang family in order to chase after her beloved idol.

    Who would have guessed that not too long after she had entered the Dongfang family, she would receive news of Dongfang Yu's death. It cast her fully into regret for many years.
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