Chapter 424: The Trials (5)

    Chapter 424: The Trials (5)

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    If a genius like that were still alive, how powerful would she have become now?

    But the student has surpassed the master. Dongfang Yu's daughter now has far more grace than she had that year.

    Even her luck seemed to be far better than hers.

    "Elder Changjin, that's where you're wrong," Dongfang Linli sneered, "I don't think that this girl has any abilities to deserve this position! So what if she is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall? So what if she is a Martial Emperor? When the Three Great Authorities select talent, they don't merely judge them based on their power. Do you all really think that the Three Great Authorities can put up with her savage attitude? I've long heard of her bloodthirsty nature, there are so many departed spirits who demand vengeance for their grievances in her hands. If we allow her to be a part of the Dongfang family, disaster will soon follow."

    His voice paused before continuing, "I am thinking for the sake of the Dongfang family. Master, it's impossible for you to study this in your free time and to destroy the Dongfang family for the sake of an insignificant woman!"

    Dongfang Linli's words were spoken as if he were devoted to a righteousness that inspires reverence. He would never admit that his prejudice towards Gu Ruoyun was all because he was trying to avenge his daughter!

    Who asked that damned girl to resist Yan'er's orders to boldly! He thought. She'd caused the faultless Yan'er to be forced into letting go of her post as the general.

    "Bringing disaster to the Dongfang family, I wonder if you're talking about me?"

    A small chuckle was heard from outside the door. Then, the meeting room door was slowly pushed open and a girl dressed in green robes with a calm air appeared in the doorway. Next to her was a peerless silver-haired man whose eyes swept indifferently across the hall before placing his gaze on the young girl next to him.

    Dongfang Linli frowned and scoffed coldly, "This is the meeting hall, who gave you permission to enter? You're certainly a wild girl with no upbringing or knowledge of etiquette at all!"

    "I'm the one who asked her to come here. Are you unhappy with my decision?"

    A stern voice suddenly rang aloud in his ear. The tone held a thick sense of annoyance and anger, causing Dongfang Linli to tremble.

    He slowly turned around and simpered, "Seeing as it's your decision, Master, then I will allow them to stay by the side and listen. Only, it seems that you've forgotten the rules of the Dongfang family. Outsiders are not allowed to participate in a Dongfang family meeting!"

    As he spoke, Dongfang Linli purposely emphasized the word 'outsiders'.

    "That's right, Elder Linli is right. Master, as the Head of the family, you must set a good example. Otherwise, how could you be fair to everyone else?"

    "Master, Elder Linli was only thinking for the sake of the Dongfang family. Please, Master, don't forget the rules of the Dongfang family."

    Upon hearing Dongfang Linli's words, the old men who have always followed him closely subserviently nodded their heads and spoke up.

    "Are you truly doing this for the sake of the Dongfang family or are you trying to avenge your daughter?" Master Dongfang's clever eyes glanced coldly at Dongfang Linli. He then turned his gaze to Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, I've asked you here because there is still one more thing that I wish to discuss with you. I want to change your surname to Dongfang. What do you think?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, "I refuse."


    A slow, angry, flame began to burn from within Master Dongfang. Does this girl really not know my reasons for allowing her to change her surname?

    If her surname was Dongfang, we'll see if these old farts would dare to continue sprouting more nonsense!

    "Honestly, I have no feelings towards the Gu Family, but..." Gu Ruoyun paused, then continued, "Gu Tian is my father, Gu Shengxiao is my brother! They both carry the Gu name, so I'm Gu Ruoyun!"
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