Chapter 425: The Trials (6)

    Chapter 425: The Trials (6)

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    "You..." Master Dongfang puffed his beard in anger and shot her a glare. Was this fellow trying to anger me to death?

    "Old man, as the Head of the family, you're actually unable to subdue the words of the family elders. How about if I were to represent you instead?" Gu Ruoyun smiled and completely ignored Master Dongfang's ashen face. Her lips curled into a faint smile and she narrowed her eyes at Dongfang Linli, "You say that you're doing this for the sake of the Dongfang family? Then can you explain that besides me, who else was capable enough to lead the Dongfang family to greater power? Are you expecting the old man? Or your old-fashioned daughter?"

    "What did you say?"


    Dongfang Linli stood up immediately and coldly scoffed, "Are you saying that my daughter is no better than you? Perhaps her powers may not be as strong as yours, but her heart is far kinder and she carries herself better! Unlike you who casually follows after other men!"

    As he said this, Dongfang Linli swept his gaze scornfully to Qianbei Ye who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun.

    This time, forget about Gu Ruoyun. Even Master Dongfang was thoroughly enraged.

    He was just about to speak up until he was cut off by Gu Ruoyun's clear, cold voice, "Xiao Ye is one of my people! If the Dongfang family refuses to acknowledge him, I won't mind renewing the entire organization of the Dongfang family!"


    Dongfang Linli angrily threw his fist at Gu Ruoyun as he roared angrily, "Damned girl! Firstly, I'm going to teach you the meaning of respecting the old and loving the young!"

    "Dongfang Linli!"


    Master Dongfang rose from his seat and exploded with rage until the veins throbbed on his forehead, "If you dare lay a hand on her, I'll make you regret it!"

    Just as he spoke, a strong aura went spiraling towards Dongfang Linli. However, Master Dongfang's aura has yet to reach Dongfang Linli when a large hand suddenly reached out and gripped Dongfang Linli's neck tightly.

    Dongfang Linli found himself unable to move and his face began to pale. He didn't even manage to get a clear look at the man's attack before he fell into the latter's grasp...


    The elders who had sided with Dongfang Linli saw Qianbei Ye's actions and could no longer control themselves. They stood up and said, "This boy has simply gone over the limit. For goodness sake, Dongfang Linli is also an elder of the family! How could you allow an outsider to bully and humiliate him like this?"

    "Boy, I advise you to let Elder Linli go!"

    Qianbei Ye coldly glared at the person who just spoke. One look was enough for that person to feel his coercion. He was so terrified that he no longer dared to speak again.

    "Xiao Ye, don't let him go," Gu Ruoyun stared at the crowd with a slight smile on her face. Finally, her gaze landed on the old man's face, "Old man, you won't mind if I did a little family spring cleaning, would you?"

    The old man's mouth twitched. And if I do mind, so what? This girl's temper was far more explosive than mine, how would she possibly listen to me?

    Besides, these guys should really be punished. If it weren't for my consideration of their contributions to the Dongfang family, I would have disposed of their family status already.

    "Now I'd like to know, how many of you here would pledge to serve Master Dongfang's decision?"

    A glint flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she said this.

    More than ten elders who were led by Dongfang Changjin rose from their seats. The rest stared with contempt and disdain, refusing to allow Gu Ruoyun's entrance into the Dongfang family.

    "Based on my information, Lady Gu has indeed killed many people. But the victims were all people who had intentions of killing her. I don't believe that she had killed recklessly," Dongfang Changjin smiled gently, "Lady Gu, your mother and I can be considered as old acquaintances. Her daughter is indeed outstanding. All these years, the Dongfang family's placement in the Trials have always been at the bottom of the list so I hope that you can help us to recover our losses."

    "For sure," Gu Ruoyun chuckled silently, "To the elders standing before me, after this, you may collect one improved Spirit Gathering Pill from Dongfang Shaoze. This Spirit Gathering Pill may not be as efficient as the Emperor Breakthrough Pills but after consuming it, you will be able to breakthrough to the ranks of a Martial Emperor within three days."
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