Chapter 427: Shi Yun (1)

    Chapter 427: Shi Yun (1)

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    Actually, all of them deeply admire Gu Ruoyun and would have willingly followed her even without Master Dongfang's orders. It was possible that what Gu Ruoyun's said would be more useful than Master Dongfang's words.

    "Master, everyone is here now. We should be heading off."

    Dongfang Changjin smiled and swelled with pride at the sight of the geniuses before her, "Everyone, the Divine Trials will soon begin. Now follow me and we'll start our journey. Is there anyone here who wishes to pull out of the trials?"

    The crowd was silent, everyone remained in their respective positions and did not move as their faces filled with determination.

    "If there are none, then let's be off!"


    The Spirit Sect.

    In a large hall, a man dressed in green robes rose and stared coldly at the people before him.

    "Gu Shengxiao is still alive? He has been in the Infinite Manor for more than a month now. Even a Martial Honor wouldn't necessarily survive in that place, and he's still alive?"

    This Gu Shengxiao must have lost his mind. He placed a body double in the Spirit Sect and had then snuck out secretly. This time, after his return, he had checked himself into the Infinite Manor.

    The Infinite Manor was a restricted area of the Spirit Sect. Besides the Sect Master, only someone with his express permission would have the right to enter. But not many would be fortunate enough to survive.

    However, the dangers were directly proportionate to the rewards. When a person was able to remain there for three years, he would receive deep comprehension and the opportunity to become the next Sect Master.

    But, the problem was, those who had previously entered the Infinite Manor were mostly at the rank of a Martial Honor. Only Gu Shengxiao had been bold enough to set foot in such a deadly place as a Martial Emperor.

    Of course, it would be better if he ended up dying in there. Without him around, the Spirit Sect would soon be in his bag.

    "Gu Shengxiao, do you think that you can control the Spirit Sect just because you've entered the Infinite Manor? What a joke. You'll still need to come back here alive!" sneered the man in the green robes. He turned his attention to the men kneeling before him as the space between his brows filled with impatience, "Useless! I've sent you to capture Gu Shengxiao's precious little sister yet you couldn't even do one simple thing! What on earth did I raise you for?"

    One man trembled and replied in terror, "Sir, Gu Ruoyun is no longer in Azure Dragon Country, that's why we had been unable to capture her."

    "Useless, so damned useless! She's not in Azure Dragon Country so you haven't been able to find her at all? I'll give you another half a month's time. If you still can't capture her, don't bother to come back!"

    A murderous intent flashed across the eyes of the man in green and he laughed coldly.

    If one's state of mind cannot remain calm in a dangerous place like the Infinite Manor, then one's soul will be torn apart by the fearsome spiritual beasts within. In order to push Gu Shengxiao into an early death, he had no choice but to kidnap his sister.

    Now, as long as the news of his sister's kidnapping should reach his ears, he will lose his calm and his corpse shall soon be fodder for the spiritual beasts.

    "Gu Shengxiao, don't think I'm ignorant of the fact that you only planned to obtain the Spirit Sect all for the sake of supporting your sister. However, I will never allow the Spirit Sect to defend such a useless thing! A person like her is a waste of resources for the mainland. What right does she have to stay alive in the world? If I were to kill a good-for-nothing like her, the entire mainland will surely thank me. Those old men from the Spirit Sect will thank me as well."

    The man in the green robes' cold smile grew even more pronounced as a malicious light filled his eyes.
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