Chapter 428: Shi Yun (2)

    Chapter 428: Shi Yun (2)

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    Gu Ruoyun's whereabouts after her departure to Black Tortoise Country and Heaven City had been shrouded in secrecy. When she was in Black Tortoise Country, she had only just broken through to the ranks of a Martial King. Only half a year had passed since then so no one would have expected her to progress by much.

    Besides, to that young man, anyone who was lesser than him was considered a good-for-nothing!

    "Actually, Gu Shengxiao should thank me because I'm helping him get rid of a burdensome good-for-nothing!" said the young man as he narrowed his eyes. The smile on his face was utterly complacent as if Gu Shengxiao would certainly feel grateful to him for killing Gu Ruoyun.

    "Big brother Nan."

    Suddenly, a soft and lovely voice sounded from outside the door. The man in the green robes' cold yet handsome face became gentle at the sound of the woman's voice. He gazed warmly at the woman in white who was heading leisurely towards him.

    The woman's robes were as white as snow. Her fine hair danced with her every move and her heart-stopping face carried a comforting smile. Her every move was absolutely moving, softening Kun Nan's heart.

    "Shi'er, why are you here?"

    Shi Yun glided towards him and the smile on her face slowly disappeared. Her face now held a slight hint of sorrow.

    Seeing the look on her face, Kun Nan's heart could not help but ache, wishing he could pull her into his embrace and quell her pain. But he was afraid of scaring the beautiful woman away so he forced himself to suppress the urge.

    "Shi'er, what happened?"

    Shi Yun smiled bitterly and replied, "Big brother Nan, I seemed to have heard you mentioning Gu Ruoyun's name just now."

    "Oh?" Kun Nan was astonished, "Do you know this woman as well, Shi'er?"

    "How could I not?" Shi Yun shook her head sorrowfully and her lips curled into an agonized smile, "Big brother Nan, you should know that though Gu Ruoyun is not all that powerful, she's skilled in the art of seduction. She's fooled around with more than one man."

    No matter what, Shi Yun would never admit the fact that Gu Ruoyun had great power and she would never allow the man in front of her to know that she had lost to her.

    "Years ago, my lover and I were deeply in love but he was stolen away by Gu Ruoyun. I don't know what she did but she caused him to lose his memories. He's even forgotten about my very existence. Even so, she wouldn't let go of me. Not only did she ally herself with the Xia family to destroy my Weapon Refining Sect, she even murdered several elders from the Immortal Realm and looted some treasures from their corpses. Furthermore, she then shifted the blame to the Weapon Refining Sect and now my father's whereabouts are unknown. I suspect that he may have met with misfortune."

    As she spoke, a flash of hatred appeared in Shi Yun's eyes. However, it left as quickly as it came and was so swift that Kun Nan never noticed it.

    "Big brother Nan, I really don't know what I've done wrong. She stole the love of my life yet I've never confronted her about it. Why must she continue to be vicious and refused to let me be, rendering me destitute and homeless? But I don't hate her, I cannot bring myself to hate her. After all, she was only someone whose mind is muddled by love. Her actions may have been underhanded, but she was not in the wrong..."

    Kun Nan could no longer stand it, he raised his hand and pulled Shi Yun into his embrace. In that instant, a blazing flame boiled from within his heart and he wished that he could charge out and kill Gu Ruoyun immediately.

    "Shi'er, you are far too kind. You are the only woman who is as kind as a fairy. Only you deserve to be loved by the heavens and earth. What is Gu Ruoyun anyways? Without Gu Shengxiao, she is nothing! I had initially planned on killing her on account of the fact that she is his sister, but I never thought that she would treat you in this way! She would even have the heart to harm such a beautiful and good woman like you and frame you in the process! I will never let her off!"
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