Chapter 429: Shi Yun (3)

    Chapter 429: Shi Yun (3)

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    Kun Nan gnashed his teeth hatefully. To him, Shi Yun was a fairy in everyone's hearts, kind and beautiful. She was above the commoners. No one could bear to react with blasphemy towards her.

    Unfortunately, there were women who were so malicious in the world that they could bear to harm such a beautiful and virtuous woman. People like that were simply not fit to be human at all.

    "Big brother Nan..."

    Shi Yun's eyes filled with gratitude as she smiled bitterly and shook her head, "It's fine. We should place more importance on the present conditions. I don't want to haggle over personal grudges. The current situation of the mainland has become increasingly grim, one more person means one more helping of strength. Let her go. If revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? I don't want to live in hatred for the rest of my life."

    Though she may be saying this on the outside, in Shi Yun's heart she dearly wished to tear Gu Ruoyun into pieces. Only then would the hatred in her heart be appeased!

    "Shi'er," Kun Nan sighed, "You are truly far too kind. Not everyone can understand your kindness. The man Gu Ruoyun had stolen from you truly has good taste. He loves you, not her. But no one could have expected Gu Ruoyun to be so malicious as to actually remove this man's memories! Actually, I'd really like to see what kind of man he is to gain the favor of the fairy-like Shi Yun."

    Shi Yun's body shook and she lowered her head slightly, "Big brother Nan, he has already forgotten me. Instead, he now believes that Gu Ruoyun is me. He even listened to her and hurt me. So what if he had once loved me? Now he no longer remembers a thing..."

    Shi Yun gently closed her eyes and the scene from her dreams replayed in her mind once again.

    The man was dressed in red and stood high above like a monarch of the world. It was as if one look could make all living things serve him and it shook her heart as well.

    Having met him in this life, she could longer love any other man for the rest of her life.

    Hence, she must have him by any means possible!

    "Big brother Nan," Shi Yun suddenly spoke, "In the Divine Trials which will take place a few days later, may I follow and participate with the Spirit Sect? I would like to see the standards of the new generation of geniuses. I wonder if you can help me, big brother Nan."

    Kun Nan nodded his head and agreed without hesitation, "If it's something you like, Shi'er, I can discuss it with those old men and grant you an entry to participate. The only exception is, even though the deaths of those elders from the Immortal Realm had nothing to do with you, it's best that you avoid letting those from the Immortal Realm to notice your presence. Do you understand?"

    "Big brother Nan, don't worry. I will stay hidden behind the scenes. I won't show myself and I won't cause trouble for you, big brother Nan."

    Shi Yun smiled gently and promised.

    Her sensible thoughtfulness unwittingly made Kun Nan feel ashamed and his hatred towards Gu Ruoyun increased.

    If it wasn't for this evil woman, my Shi'er would not need to conceal herself in public , he thought. This is all her fault! I won't let her off!

    Meanwhile, Kun Nan, who had been engrossed with mentally cursing Gu Ruoyun, did not notice a hateful glare in the eyes of that kind, fairy-like woman.

    The Divine Trials? she thought. It appears that the Xia family would certainly take part in the Divine Trials this time and that proves that Gu Ruoyun will make an appearance as well!

    Out in the open, she had been unable to defeat this woman. Now that she was representing the Spirit Sect, there would be many ways for her to kill Gu Ruoyun in absolute secrecy! When that happens, Gu Ruoyun will regret having made an enemy out of her.

    "Gu Ruoyun, from the moment you defeated me and framed the Weapon Refining Sect, I swore that I would not let you have an easy death! Hmph!"

    Shi Yun's smile became sinister but when Kun Nan recollected his train of thought and turned his attention back to her, she had already composed her facial expression and had changed back to her fairy-like manner which was untainted by earthliness or smoke and fire.
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