Chapter 434: The Trade Fair (2)

    Chapter 434: The Trade Fair (2)

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    Half a month?

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "I will help raise the powers of the Dongfang family members in half a month, and I will also conduct training sessions in fighting against demons! Of course, in the end, I may need to fire a few people and find replacements. I wonder if any you have any objections?"

    "No!" came the collective reply from the disciples.

    Now, not only have they entered the Three Great Authorities' territory, in order to finish the fight in one breath, as long as they could defeat the arrogant Medicine Order, they would not have any objections even if it meant replacing the weaker members amongst themselves.

    "Alright!" A glint flashed across her eyes, "Then let us make our way into Cloud City. From this day on, I will drown you in training. Not only do I want you to win, I want to make it such that no one in the world will ever dare look down upon the Dongfang family again! And no one shall dare to insult my mother, Dongfang Yu!"

    These words raised the fighting spirit in many of the disciples. All of their eyes were now filled with the vitality of war, their resolution was absolute.

    "Lady Gu, may I ask, the people you're looking for as substitutes are from..." Dongfang Changjin furrowed her brows as she asked.

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, "The members of the Hundred Herb Hall."

    At the moment, no one knows that the Devil Sect was a power that belongs to Gu Ruoyun. So, she could only mention the Hundred Herb Hall instead. Most importantly, the Hundred Herb Hall used to belong to the Dongfang family so there is nothing wrong with sending members of the Hundred Herb Hall to participate in the Trials.

    Dongfang Changjin relaxed her brows and smiled, "Lady Gu, since you are the leader of the team, everything shall be according to your arrangements. We will have no objections."

    Furthermore, all of this was for the sake of victory. They wouldn't possibly object.

    "Alright," Gu Ruoyun nodded her head, "Then, let's get on the pegasus immediately and make our way to Cloud City."

    There was only half a month's time left until the official launch of the Divine Trials. In half a month, all the participating powers will have arrived. Some have arrived early to attend a trade fair which was held before the Trials.

    This trade fair was not like an average trade fair in the secular world. Since the first to arrive were strong cultivators who were a part of the Three Great Authorities, if anyone wished to procure treasure, this trade fair would be an important outlet to do so.

    Here, there were a few treasures that could not even be exchanged, not even with an entire country.



    The cool light of the moon shone from the heavens and enveloped the noisy city.

    In the city center, the City Governor, who was dressed in embroidered robes, walked slowly in front of the eyes of the crowd. He brushed his robes and sat down with a smile playing on his handsome face. He then raised his voice and spoke in a heroic manner, "Welcome to Cloud City. Not long after, the Divine Trials held by the Three Great Authorities will start. I'm sure that all of you know that before the trials begin, we will have a grand trade fair! Hence, you may produce your treasure and use them to exchange for other treasures!"

    Everyone present had arrived early for the trade fair so after hearing the Governor's announcement, everyone was eager to give it a try. They were desperate to know how many rare treasures would appear at the trade fair.

    "Yue'er," Xueyi took a deep breath and spoke with a serious look on her face, "Long ago, I heard that a holy spirit fruit would appear at this trade fair. Now that you are on the brink of a breakthrough, consuming this holy spirit fruit will certainly allow you to break through easily. So we must have it, no matter what."

    Once Rongyue has had her breakthrough, their chances of winning the Trials would greatly increase.

    Rongyue smiled indifferently, "Do not worry, Elder Xueyi. After all, I, Rongyue, have never lost sight of anything I aimed to have. This time it's no different!"
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