Chapter 435: The Trade Fair (3)

    Chapter 435: The Trade Fair (3)

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    After the City Governor's announcement, the banquet began.

    The leaders of every powerful organization began looking for people to strike up a conversation with. Of course, as an organization known for its medical expertise, the Medicine Order was surrounded by many people. In contrast, the Dongfang family's surroundings looked rather empty.

    "Eh? Aren't those members of the Dongfang family?"

    Suddenly, a voice filled with surprise was heard and a young man, followed by a group of footmen headed towards the Dongfang family. His arrogant-looking eyes swept across the crowd before they finally landed on the woman behind Dongfang Changjin.

    "Linlang, what prospects would you have in following the Dongfang family? Why not come to our Gu Order, I guarantee that we can raise your powers up one level."

    Linlang was so angered that her face turned ashen. She scoffed and turned her head away, no longer sparing the young man's vulgar expression another glance.

    "I'm doing this for your own good," Gu Ling stared measuringly at Linlang's angry little face and said, "You must know that I've chased after you for a very long time. If you come to the Gu family, I can decide to give you the best training. Unlike the others and the Dongfang family, tsk tsk. Here to participate in the Divine Trials, yet not a single Martial General in their ranks? Do you all intend on failing the first challenge just like the last time?"

    "You..." Linlang clenched her fist as her eyes burned with rage. Just as she was about to speak, Dongfang Changjin interrupted them.

    A cold light flashed across her eyes as Dongfang Changjin emotionlessly replied, "Young Master of the Gu family, you are far too concerned. The disciples of the Dongfang family are doing very well. There's no need for you to meddle in our business."

    "Hmph, you don't know what's good for you!"

    The footmen, upon seeing the discourteous manner in which the older woman had spoken to their Young Master, immediately rebuked her, "It's this lady's fortune for having my Young Master's favor! Such ignorance! Does your Dongfang family still think that you will remain immortal? Look at your current level of power, once those two Martial Emperors of the Dongfang family have passed on, who would shield you then? Of course, if you discreetly offer your services to the Gu family, perhaps your lives will be spared!"

    "Haha! You think that you're still the Dongfang family of the bygone years? The Dongfang family had lost a genius like Dongfang Yu and will soon be on the path to its downfall! However, the Young Master of the Gu family has already broken through to the ranks of a high-level Martial King, I reckon that the Dongfang family will never have anyone with such gifts in this lifetime!"

    Indeed, the Dongfang family only ever had one genius - Dongfang Yu. Even though Dongfang Shaoze's talents weren't bad but when compared with Dongfang Yu's abilities, the difference was vast. Besides, they've long heard the news that Dongfang Shaoze's powers have remained blocked at the rank of a high-level Martial King and that he probably wouldn't be able to break the bottleneck within ten years.

    Their Young Master, on the other hand, has reached the level of a Martial King in (at the very most) a year. Hence, how could the Dongfang family be compared to that?

    "Then I thank you, Young Master Gu, for your generosity. However..." Dongfang Changjin smiled coldly, "I'm afraid such a day will not come for the Dongfang family."

    The world had heard of Mistress Lan's breakthrough to a high-level Martial Emperor but did not hear of the consistent slew of breakthroughs amongst the Dongfang family's cultivators. Her Young Master has already reached the ranks of a Martial Emperor.

    By the time they find out about this, the Divine Trials would be at its end.

    "I certainly hope so," Gu Ling flashed a disdainful smile and wretchedly observed Linlang, who was hiding behind Dongfang Changjin. He curled his lips, "Linlang, you know what awaits us in the first challenge. Usually, your Dongfang family will be eliminated in the first challenge. If you wish to reach the second challenge smoothly, look for me in my bedroom tonight, haha."

    He laughed as he turned around and walked away.
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