Chapter 437: The Trade Fair (5)

    Chapter 437: The Trade Fair (5)

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    The banquet didn't last for very long and ended soon after. However, just as Gu Ruoyun and the others were about to retire to their lodgings at the guest house, they were greeted by an unfamiliar guest.

    Gu Ruoyun frowned as she stared at the woman who was dressed in white robes before her, "I have never had any relations with the Medicine Order. What business do you have with me?"

    A piece of white muslin concealed the woman's face and no one could see her features clearly. She appeared to carry herself in a sweet, fair, and graceful manner. Her movements were refined and it was easy to imagine that a beautiful face was hidden beneath the white muslin.

    "I'm here to ask you something, is Wei Yiyi with you now?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, "That's right, Wei Yiyi is with me."

    "Really?" The woman's voice turned joyful, "I haven't introduced myself. My name is Wu Yue, a disciple of Nan Xiao. Wei Yiyi can be considered as my senior fellow student."

    Nan Xiao was the only daughter of the previous Master of the Medicine Order and Wei Yiyi's junior sister. Years ago, when Wei Yiyi was being forced to surrender the Treasury of Medicine, it was Nan Xiao who had placed her own life in danger and secretly broke her out of her prison. If it weren't for Nan Xiao, Wei Yiyi would probably have died at the hands of that wretched couple.

    So, upon hearing Nan Xiao's name, Gu Ruoyun felt her heart move and asked, "You're Nan Xiao's disciple? May I know why you do not dare show your true face to me?"

    Wu Yue trembled, she looked as if she was hesitating but in the end seemed to make a decision. She slowly placed one hand on the muslin, gently removing it.

    Upon seeing the face behind the white muslin, Gu Ruoyun's originally calm smile changed greatly.

    "This was why I did not want to meet you with my true face," Wu Yue smiled bitterly, "I know that you are enemies with Shi Yun of the Weapon Refining Sect and as luck would have it, I look exactly like her."

    That's right, if one were to overlook the great scar running through her face, this woman basically looked just like Shi Yun.

    But Gu Ruoyun knew that she was not Shi Yun!

    Not only was there a vast difference between their auras, the woman before her also did not carry that familiar sense of comfort! The martial art that Shi Yun practices allowed her to give off a gentle and comforting aura, but the person in front of her does not have that feeling!

    "What is your relationship to Shi Yun?" Gu Ruoyun frowned as she asked.

    Wu Yue smiled bitterly, "My real name is Shi Yue. It was Master who had changed my name to Wu Yue. Shi Yun is my twin sister! However, ever since we were young, my gifts had always been more powerful than hers. Later on, I don't know how it happened but she received a new technique. She absorbed my spiritual force which ended up increasing her own powers. She did not like having somebody who looked exactly like her and believed that only her looks alone deserve to be considered as the number one under the heavens. So she destroyed my face and imprisoned me in a dungeon, telling the rest of the world that I had died. Every day she would come and torture me. In the end, I feigned my own death in order to escape. I was thrown into an unmarked grave. Fortunately, Master happened to pass by and saved me."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

    Honestly, she was completely shocked by Wu Yue's words. She never thought that Shi Yun had an identical twin sister. This revelation required a long time for her to digest.

    "Does the Sect Master of the Weapon Refining Sect know about this matter?"

    She asked after a long, melancholic pause.

    Wu Yue shook her head indifferently, "So what if he doesn't know and so what if he does? That man only prioritizes benefits. Shi Yun is more powerful than I am. Why would he seek justice for my sake? Furthermore, the Weapon Refining Sect has now been destroyed and that man's whereabouts were unknown. I have no need to tell him anything. Now, I only have my Master in my life. Lady Gu, if you happen to see senior aunt Wei, you must tell her that Master is in a very difficult situation now. Those people are racking their brains for ways to do something to her, I truly hope that senior aunt Wei can lend her a hand."
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