Chapter 439: The Trade Fair (7)

    Chapter 439: The Trade Fair (7)

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    At an inconspicuous stall, an old man with his eyes closed stayed unmoving like a mountain. He didn't even bother to look at the women who were standing in front of his stall.

    "Excuse me, sir," A woman next to Rongyue suppressed her anger and said, "We are from the Medicine Order and this is the disciple of our Order Master. Her name is Rongyue and she is also the number one genius in the Medicine Order. Can you sell this fruit to us?"

    When she finished speaking, the old man finally opened his eyes. He lifted his eyelids and said, "It's not for sale!"


    The woman's face changed greatly and her every feature overflowed with rage. Just as she was about to vent her great irritation, a luxurious and jade-white hand reached out to her, preventing her impulses.

    Only then did the woman calm down.

    No matter the circumstances, this was still a part of Cloud City and not any other place. Not everything that the Medicine Order fancies can be fought over at will.

    But this old man certainly does not know what's good for him, she thought, junior sister Rongyue merely wished to have this holy spirit fruit out of the kindness of her own heart yet he's acting so unreasonably.

    "Elder Jiu, would you be willing to trade this holy spirit fruit with me? I, Rongyue, shall agree to whatever you wish."

    Elder Jiu?

    Hearing the way Rongyue had just addressed the man, the expression on the woman's face (which was initially full of contempt with the intention to teach the old man a lesson) changed greatly. She bit her lips forcefully and kept her mouth shut.

    It would seem that this inconspicuous-looking old man was actually Elder Jiu from the Courts of Hell! If she were to ever offend the Courts of Hell, not even the Order Master can save her!

    "Little girl, you're certainly very sharp. You actually recognized this feeble old man," The old man smiled coldly and his yellow robes fluttered gently in the wind. His eyes were filled with an icy chill, "Since you were able to recognize me, little girl, then I'll give you a chance! You want this holy spirit fruit? It's very simple. Show me something that will move my heart!"

    Rongyue frowned with indifference. Honestly, she had received the news that the holy spirit fruit would make an appearance in the trade fair but she certainly had not expected that Elder Jiu of the Courts of Hell would be the one to put it on display!

    The Courts of Hell is part of the Three Great Authorities and has had strained relations with the Immortal Realm in the past. The Medicine Order, however, has been trying to establish a good rapport with the Immortal Realm. It would seem that obtaining the holy spirit fruit would be no easy feat at this time.

    "Elder Jiu, perhaps you could name an object? As long as it is of the same value as the holy spirit fruit, I shall obtain it for you no matter what."


    Elder Jiu smiled coldly, "I've heard that the Medicine Order dedicates itself to the progress of medicinal skills. Coincidentally, I've been suffering from an old affliction. If you are able to cure me of my illness, then this holy spirit fruit shall belong to you."

    "Elder Jiu, are you joking with me?" Rongyue smiled and said, "The previous Order Master had given you his diagnosis years ago. Your veins are blocked, Elder Jiu and as a result, no power can flow into your system. If even the old Order Master was unable to cure you, how could I possibly stand a chance?"

    "If you can't do it, then you can get out of the way! Don't get in the way of my trade with other people!" Elder Jiu grew extremely irritated upon hearing her answer. Based on his position as an elder of the Courts of Hell, the reason why he had joined the trade fair was to use the holy spirit fruit to entice a strong cultivator to heal his affliction.

    If I were to remain in this state, unable to break through, my lifespan might end in just two years! He thought.

    For in the current state of the mainland, they can not afford to lose anymore Martial Emperors. Otherwise, they will no longer be able to resist the infiltration of the demonic spirits.

    Rongyue was angered by Elder Jiu's words. She was hindered by the latter's respected position so she forcibly suppressed her fury and quietly stood aside, smiling coldly at the passers-by in the plaza.

    I'd certainly like to see if anyone can actually cure his affliction! She thought.
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