Chapter 442: The Eve Of The Trials (1)

    Chapter 442: The Eve Of The Trials (1)

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    The woman in white's face grew increasingly unpleasant. Her beautiful eyes glared hatefully at Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, I've advised you as needed but unfortunately you weren't listening. Since you insist on doing so, don't blame me for not warning you... If anything were to happen."

    Having said that, she lapsed into silence. Her mocking gaze was full of disdain.

    It's not that I look down on Gu Ruoyun, she reasoned, but this woman was far too young. Based on her age, what abilities could she possibly have?

    "Little girl," Elder Jiu finally spoke up after a long pause, "I'll let you have a go at it. If you're successful in curing my ailment, the holy spirit fruit will be yours."


    Gu Ruoyun raised her head lightly and walked slowly to Elder Jiu's side. She gently placed her palms on the latter's shoulders. A stream of spiritual energy then slowly began to transfer from her palm into Elder Jiu's body.

    Elder Jiu trembled and closed his eyes gently. He began to feel his entire body relax.

    Indeed, he hasn't felt like this in years! All the while, his veins had always felt as if they were filled with soil, he has not felt this refreshed in so long! The feeling was like taking a cold shower on an extremely hot day; it was so comfortable that he wanted to moan out loud in bliss.

    However, just as he was starting to enjoy feeling refreshed, Gu Ruoyun withdrew the spiritual energy from her palms.

    "Little girl, was that all?"

    Elder Jiu blinked and stared in astonishment at Gu Ruoyun.

    Seeing the puzzled look on Elder Jiu's face, Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly and said, "Do you think that it would be that easy to completely clear out the blockage in your veins? Like I said, I only have an 80% guarantee. Now I know that I can gradually clean it up bit by bit. It would take at least a month for the blockage in your veins to be completely cleared!"

    Actually, if she were the previous Gu Ruoyun, it would not be an easy feat to clear his blockage completely. But in this life, she could call upon the Ancient Divine Pagoda to aid her in clearing the blockage in Elder Jiu's veins. However, the price for this was rather steep. Clearly, Gu Ruoyun was not willing to pay such a high price for the sake of someone who was insignificant to her.


    Elder Jiu laughed and stroked his beard. He then replied in a satisfied manner, "Little girl, I can feel the might of your power. How about this, I'll give you a month. I'll also let you have the holy spirit fruit right now."

    "Thank you very much."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and picked up the holy spirit fruit in the vendor's stall.

    This sudden turn of events was obviously beyond anyone's expectations. No one could have guessed that Gu Ruoyun truly had the ability to help this old man.

    This was especially so for the disciples of the Medicine Order, who had witnessed this scene with extremely ugly looks on their faces. Their expressions looked as if Gu Ruoyun had snatched away a treasure that was rightfully theirs.

    "Elder Jiu," Rongyue frowned and she shot Gu Ruoyun a look before she turned towards Elder Jiu, "I think you should wait until your body is fully healed before giving that holy spirit fruit to her. Otherwise, who can guarantee that she is truly capable of healing you?"

    Her words were fair and reasonable and the crowd of onlookers nodded in agreement.

    Lady Rongyue is right, the crowd thought in unison.  This girl hasn't completely healed the old man's body yet. Who can say for sure that she is truly capable or if she was just deliberately creating a fantastical air? After all, she's only a little baby girl who is just over ten years of age. If she is truly powerful enough to clear the blockages from his veins, it would be a completely outrageous feat.

    However, just as Rongyue finished talking, Gu Ruoyun had fed the holy spirit fruit to the small cat in her arms. It had happened so fast that no one had the time to stop her...
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