Chapter 444: The Eve Of The Trials (3)

    Chapter 444: The Eve Of The Trials (3)

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    At the same time, the man's low and hoarse voice rang out like the god of death himself.


    Rongyue trembled. Upon raising her head, she came face-to-face with a pair of blood-red eyes.

    His silvery hair was like an immortal's, fluttering in the wind. The man was dressed in blood-red robes and his face was incomparably beautiful. One could even describe this demonic man as a 'beauty that can cause the downfall of a country'.

    It was fine that such a man could be exceptionally beautiful. There was also the fact that this guy was capable of acting out two extremes at the same time, both as an immortal and as a demon. His every action was completely suffocating.

    "Xiao Yun," Qianbei Ye turned and walked back to Gu Ruoyun's side. His originally eerie and somber expression was now filled with smiles, "No one will disturb you now."

    His one smile can cause the heavens and the earth to lose their splendor.

    It also took everyone's breath away as they were utterly mesmerized by that peerlessly beautiful face.

    "Junior sister Rongyue!" The woman in white hurriedly rushed to her side and asked anxiously, "Junior sister Rongyue, are you alright?"

    Rongyue did not reply, she was staring foolishly at Qianbei Ye's disappearing figure and mumbled to herself, "I think I've just met the person whom I've been searching for my entire life."

    She had already noticed the silver-haired man from the very beginning. Even though the man was incomparably beautiful, she took no notice of him because he had been tagging along with the Dongfang Family. Unexpectedly, this man whom she had initially ignored would turn out to hold such power within his grasp.

    After all, all the women of this world prefer strong cultivators. A man with only incomparable beauty doesn't count for much but if he had great power, he could conquer many women too!

    Obviously, Rongyue was that kind of woman!

    "Junior sister Rongyue?"

    The woman in white was in a daze. One should know that with her junior sister Rongyue's level of talent and position, there were countless men who were vying for her attention. Even the disciples of the Three Great Authorities have fallen for her endlessly. However, the junior sister had high expectations. No matter how many eligible men would come her way, they had been unable to hold her gaze.

    She did not expect junior sister Rongyue to fall for a complete stranger.

    She's even declared him to be the husband whom she'd been searching for!


    At the bazaar in the plaza, Qianbei Ye followed Gu Ruoyun around pitifully and stared hurtfully at the litte person before him.

    "Xiao Yun, why didn't you let me kill her?"

    If Gu Ruoyun had not tugged at him, Rongyue might not have only been flung to the ground.

    "Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun paused in her steps as a cold smile formed at the corner of her lips. "I don't have any disputes with the Medicine Order. However, the Medicine Order had once caused harm to one of my subordinates. Do you think that I would let them off so easily?"

    Qianbei Ye shook his head, My Xiao Yun has never been a kind person but this was also why I've grown to admire her more and more.

    "So," Gu Ruoyun paused before continuing, "I won't let anyone from Medicine Order who had hurt Wei Yiyi off so easily! Of course, this matter should be handled personally by Wei Yiyi herself. Do you understand?"

    She won't let the Medicine Order get away with everything they've done but she won't be the one handling it personally.

    There was only one person who should take care of them!

    Gu Ruoyun was deep in thought when she heard a familiar voice in front of where she was standing.

    "Linlang, I never expected you to have such good taste. To find a crippled spirit weapon in a place like this, I had nearly missed out on this myself. However, it was I who had taken this crippled spirit weapon first. Obviously, it should belong to me. If you really want it, come to my quarters tonight and I'll give this crippled spirit weapon to you. What do you say?"

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    Chapter 445: The Eve Of The Trials (4)

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    "Gu Ling, you may have noticed this crippled spirit weapon first but you didn't want it then. You even threw it aside like it was a useless object! But now that I've noticed this crippled spirit weapon, you suddenly want it back. How can you go on in life with such shamelessness?"

    Linlang blushed red with anger as she glared furiously at Gu Ling.

    "Hehe," Gu Ling sneered and stared disdainfully at Linlang's flushed face. "Even if I were to let you have this crippled spirit weapon, what were you going to use to trade for it? Linlang, if you use your body to win my favor then perhaps I might be amenable to give this crippled spirit weapon to you."

    There wasn't a single person who doesn't know the value of a crippled spirit weapon.

    So, why would Gu Ling want to use a crippled spirit weapon to curry favor with a woman?

    Once I have this woman's body, she'll be nothing but damaged goods, he thought maliciously.  Would she still want the crippled spirit weapon? Dream on! Based on who she is, she certainly doesn't have the right to control this crippled spirit weapon!

    "Gu Ling, you've overstepped the limit!"

    The Dongfang Family disciples who had been watching the scene could not stand it any longer. They stood up and glared angrily at Gu Ling. If it weren't for the fact that they were not allowed to have personal scuffles before the Trials, they would certainly have beaten this b*stard to a pulp!

    He had dared to devise plans on Linlang! He's completely disrespecting the Dongfang Family.

    The members of the Gu Family stared back at the disciples of the Dongfang Family and took one step forward, glaring like tigers watching their prey.

    Instantly, the atmosphere grew extremely intense as if the two parties were ready to fight at any minute.

    The air had turned icy and every eye was fixed upon this direction, anticipating the fight. Suddenly, a calm voice sounded from behind the crowd, falling into each and every ear.

    "Linlang, what are you all doing here? How goes your weapon selection?"

    The expressions of Linlang and the rest shook upon hearing that voice, they turned to face its source.

    The sunset glow poured down on the entire trade fair plaza.

    Under the light of the setting sun, the young girl's fine hair shone with brilliance. She walked slowly towards the crowd while carrying a small cat in her arms. Her face shone with a calm light and her dark eyes were like black pools of water as they swept their gaze across the faces of the crowd, causing their hearts to tremble.

    But what shocked the crowd most was the silver-haired man in red robes who walked by her side. He was so beautiful that he could overturn all living beings. However, the eyes of such an incomparably beautiful man were filled with a murderous bloodlust.

    Taking no notice of the eyes of the crowd, Gu Ruoyun walked directly towards Linlang and asked, "If you've selected your weapons, then it's time for us to leave."

    As she spoke, her gaze fell upon the sword in Linlang's hands.

    This was a rapier. Its surface was slightly uneven but it emitted vague fluctuations of spiritual energy.

    "Not a bad sword."

    Gu Ruoyun praised sincerely. Honestly speaking, a crippled spirit weapon was not a spiritual weapon. Most crippled spirit weapons were either failures from the smelting process or were weapons which had lost their original spiritual energy. All that's been left was a nearly unnoticeable portion so it was easily discarded as a useless piece of metal.

    She didn't expect Linlang to have such sharp eyes. She was actually able to pick out a crippled spirit weapon,  Gu Ruoyun mused.

    However, crippled spirit weapons no longer attract Gu Ruoyun's attention.

    Hearing this, Linlang bit her lip and made no rebuttal.

    Actually, Gu Ling was right, she thought.  So what if I've found a crippled spirit weapon? Based on my fortune, I have nothing of worth to trade for this crippled spirit weapon.

    She put the crippled spirit weapon back in its place at the thought of this and shook her head, "So what if the sword is good? At the end of the day, it does not suit me. Lady Gu, let's go."

    "Hehe," Gu Ling glanced at Linlang and sneered, "Linlang, at least you're still clear of the situation. You understand that you have no way of obtaining this crippled spirit weapon. However, I stand by what I've said. As long as you're willing to give yourself to me, this crippled spirit weapon shall belong to you."
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