Chapter 447: The Eve Of The Trials (6)

    Chapter 447: The Eve Of The Trials (6)

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    A weapon better than a crippled spirit weapon can only be a full-fledged spiritual weapon. However, there were precious few of those in the world. So, even if Lady Gu had a few of them in her possession, she would not casually give them away to just anyone.

    Because of this, Linlang's heart was completely moved. Gu Ruoyun had been the only one besides her Master and her parents who would step up and have her back...

    "Hmph!" Gu Ling scoffed and replied disdainfully, "Then I'd like to see just how you're going to get me to send Linlang's parents back to her! Besides, I'm afraid you may not have a weapon that's actually better than a crippled spirit weapon! Whatever it is, I'll leave you with this: don't act like a pretentious prick or you might end up struck by lightning! Don't think that you can scare me just because you're some Master of the Hundred Herb Hall. Honestly, the only people of the same age as me who can actually strike fear into my heart are Rongyue and Zuo Shangchen. You don't count for much."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly but did not respond. She waved her hand and said, "Let's go. We only have half a month before the Trials. We must work hard and train well within this half a month."

    After she spoke, she left the scene with Qianbei Ye.

    Just as she left, the Dongfang Family disciples surrounded Linlang immediately and erupted into a cacophony of discussion.

    "Linlang, why did you not tell us your origins? No wonder Gu Ling had looked at you with such surprise a few years ago and would constantly clash with you. I didn't think that you would be connected to the Gu Family in that way."

    "This Gu Family has crossed the line. After all, you are part of the Dongfang Family. As a disciple of Elder Changjin, your status can't be any worse than those disciples of the Gu Family. What right does he have to call you a servant?"

    "Linlang, like Lady Gu said, we will make the Gu Family personally send your parents back to you. Lady Gu is such a great person, she'll definitely get it done. Let's trust in her and you'll be reunited with your parents very soon."

    "Honestly, you should have mentioned this to Master a long time ago. Why quietly endure this on your own? You didn't even tell us, are we even friends?"

    After her identity had been revealed, Linlang was worried that the Dongfang Family disciples would look down on her. But upon hearing their voices of criticism and concern, her eyes grew red and tears streamed down her face once again.

    "Thank you, thank you, all of you. I... I really..."

    As she tried to speak, she found that she could no longer spit out the words. She felt as if something was choking her throat and she looked tearfully at the group.

    "Alright, let's not waste any more time with talking. We should hurry off now," One of the Dongfang Family disciples, a man dressed in green robes, stepped forward and patted Linlang on her shoulder, "Your parents will be fine. Trust Lady Gu."


    Linlang nodded. At this very moment, her heart was filled with warmth.


    Only half a month had remained until the start of the Divine Trials. Within this half a month, every single one of the Dongfang Family representatives worked hard in their training. It soon became obvious that every person in the group rapidly grew in strength. Some have even broken through to new ranks. Prior to this, they never would have dared to imagine any of this.

    In the midst of their hard training sessions, the person Gu Ruoyun had been waiting for finally arrived.


    Upon seeing Gu Ruoyun, Wei Yiyi flew straight towards her with a big smile on her seductively charming face and rendering Wu Yue, who had been following closely behind her, to become completely dumbstruck.

    Master? She thought.  If senior aunt Wei addresses Lady Gu as her 'Master', then shouldn't I be addressing her as a senior great aunt?

    Wu Yue looked utterly confused at the thought of having to address a girl younger than herself, as a senior great aunt. She wondered how her own Master would have reacted to this situation.

    Bai Chuan, who had been following behind them showed no reaction. His adorable doll-like face was staring curiously at his surroundings before his gaze finally landed on Gu Ruoyun's fresh and beautiful features.
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