Chapter 449: The Eve Of The Trials (8)

    Chapter 449: The Eve Of The Trials (8)

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    Just as she spoke, the young man in green who had spoken up for Linlang hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Lady Gu, I'm willing to substitute for Linlang and step out of the trials."

    "Dongfang Hen, thank you."

    Linlang stared in gratitude at Dongfang Hen and replied.

    Dongfang Hen blushed at the sight of the girl's grateful-looking eyes and quickly stepped back. He shook his head and replied, "Linlang, you don't have to thank me. Remember to hit that Gu Ling kid hard, we're all rooting for you!"

    He shook his fist and smiled at Linlang.

    Linlang began to choke with emotion but said nothing more, placing all her gratitude in her heart.

    "Seeing as we've pretty much decided on the team members, then let us welcome tomorrow's Trials with open arms. Today, you will all go back and train well. Linlang, come see me after this."

    As she spoke, she left the place without a second glance.

    Seeing this, Linlang hurriedly followed Gu Ruoyun. Her eyes were shining with the light of resolution.


    Inside the room, a gentle breeze stirred the bed curtains, causing them to flutter.

    Gu Ruoyun was seated in front of a table. She gazed at the girl standing before her and said, "All of them had obtained the weapons of their choice during the trade fair. Only you have not. At that time, I mentioned that I would give you a weapon that is far better than a crippled spirit weapon. This sword has been specially prepared for you. Have a look and see if you can wield it."

    Then, she produced a rapier before Linlang's eyes.

    Just as she presented the rapier, a strong wave of spiritual energy flourished from the sword, giving off the sense of strong power.

    Linlang was dazed and stared in shock at the rapier in Gu Ruoyun's hands. Her lips trembled, unsure of what to say.

    A spiritual weapon! She thought in astonishment.  That's right, only a spiritual weapon can give off such thick spiritual energy! When she told me that she would give me a much better weapon, she wasn't lying!

    "Lady Gu, this... This is far too valuable, I..." Linlang bit her lip fiercely and stared at Gu Ruoyun in complete gratitude, "I can't accept this."

    A spiritual weapon. If news of this were to get out, I'm afraid that even the Three Great Authorities will be shaken, she thought. Yet she's actually giving it to me! I may never be able to return this favor, not even if I were to use my entire life.

    "You may hold on to this spiritual weapon on one condition: You must only use it as a last resort."

    The young girl's calm voice made Linlang's heart tremble. She gazed at the spiritual weapon before her and slowly took a deep breath, "Alright, Lady Gu, this spiritual weapon is your gift to me so I shall accept it. But I will not use it in the Trials this time, I want to rely on my own abilities to defeat Gu Ling in the Trials!"

    At this moment, a new form of determination stemmed from her heart - no matter what, she will never use the spiritual weapon. Also, she would not cause trouble for Lady Gu. Even if she has to rely on her own capabilities, she will not lose!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. The reason why she had allowed Linlang to participate in the Trials was because she could see her determination.

    With such a strong resolve, perhaps Linlang will be able to change her fortunes in the Trials!

    "Make your preparations for the Trials tomorrow. Our Dongfang Family must obtain first place in the Divine Trials no matter what!"

    As she said this, Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes and a glint of light flashed across them.

    Big brother, wait for me. Wait for me to find you in the Spirit Sect, she thought.  When that time comes, no one in the entire Spirit Sect will dare to lay a single hand on you!

    But I don't know where Yu'er is at the moment.

    Every time she thought of Xia Linyu, a small hint of anxiety would appear on Gu Ruoyun's face.

    They only managed to see each other for such a short period of time and who knows when they'll meet again! However, Gu Ruoyun believes that he was somewhere on the mainland, alive and well. Once the Trials end, she will find him even if she has to journey to the ends of the earth!
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