Chapter 452: The Group Battle (1)

    Chapter 452: The Group Battle (1)

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    "Hehe, it would seem that the Dongfang Family knew that they would undoubtedly lose, so they wanted to lose even faster. Has this little boy reached the rank of a Martial General yet? Such a weak presence, anyone could easily kill him off."

    The people who already had bad blood with the Dongfang Family could not help but open their mouths and spout mockery as they stared at Bai Chuan's young and tender little face. Even the Cloud City governor who was seating in the seat of honor wrinkled his brows.

    Though the rules of the Trials did state that all participants must be below the age of thirty. However, for a wimpy little brat who was just over ten years old to come and join the Trials... This was certainly an act of making a farce out of the Trials!

    However, because they never specified a definite age, the governor couldn't really say very much against this.

    "It seems that the Dongfang Family is growing increasingly weak," sneered the old man in white who was seated next to the governor. "However, one could say that they're now reaping what they've sown. Had Dongfang Yu joined the Immortal Realm long ago, she wouldn't have had such a tragic death and the Dongfang Family would never have fallen. At the end of the day, they've dug their own graves and can't blame anyone else for their misfortune."

    The Immortal Realm has never been magnanimous. All kindness displayed was simply hypocritical and would only be shown when in public. Hence, even to this day he has never forgot his hatred when Dongfang Yu rejected the Immortal Realm's offer.

    Of course, Dongfang Yu also rejected the offers from the Courts of Hell and the Spirit Sect. This lessened the blow for him.

    "Just what is this girl doing?" The Honorable Sir Tianqi shook his head helplessly and sighed, "What does she want to achieve by letting a child participate in the trials? Could it be that this kid has surpassed the others in some way?"

    Elder Jiu stayed silent. After all, the two men next to him were Martial Honors and he was only a high-level Martial Emperor at the moment. This time, he had personally requested to come to Cloud City since the Courts of Hell was a part of the Three Great Authorities. But as a Martial Emperor, his words do not carry as much weight when in front of the two Martial Honors.

    However, even when faced with the skeptical stares of the crowd, Bai Chuan remained silent. His adorable face held a maturity far beyond his years.

    "Cough, cough."

    The governor cleared his throat awkwardly, "Honorable Sir Xiangtian, Honorable Sir Tianqi, and Elder Jiu. May we begin?"


    Bai Xiangtian nodded his head lightly as he coldly replied.

    "As you command." The governor slowly rose from his seat and faced the crowd before him, "First of all, welcome everyone to this year's Divine Trials. You all know the rules, no weapons are allowed near the eyes. Since all participants are geniuses from their own organizations, I hope that you will all show some restraint. Now, let the Trials begin!"

    As she heard the governor's words, Gu Ruoyun wrinkled her brows and scanned her surroundings. She then sighed, "The competition has already begun but the members of the Xia Family are not here. It seems that this would be the first Trial that the Xia Family will not participate in."

    Actually, she had been holding on hope that she would see Yu'er in Cloud City from the beginning.

    Since no one from the Xia Family was participating this time, this proves that... Yu'er was still missing!

    "The first round is a group battle. Every organization shall assign a group of five to the stage. The first group to be kicked off the stage shall be eliminated! The last one standing will win first place! However, since this is a group battle, we emphasize on teamwork. So it is only considered a victory if all members remain standing on the stage! As long as one person falls off the stage, the entire team is eliminated."
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