Chapter 454: The Group Battle (3)

    Chapter 454: The Group Battle (3)

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    "That's very unlikely." Xueyi shook her head, "No one can cure the Order Master's poison and at the time of her escape, her powers were already degenerating. If it weren't for that worthless little girl who had set her free, this woman should not even be able to walk by now! Unfortunately, that worthless girl was the daughter of the previous Order Master. In order to avoid a rebellion from those old fellows, she cannot be touched! However, it's been ten years since Wei Yiyi left. Her powers would have degenerated to the rank of a Martial Warrior by now."

    Rongyue stayed silent. Although she was barely even ten at the time, no one else knew better than her of the events which had transpired that year. As her Master's disciple, she had tagged along with her Master everywhere she went...

    "Watch, Wei Yiyi will be thrown off the stage very soon."

    Elder Xueyi smiled disapprovingly and swept her disdainful gaze towards Wei Yiyi. However, what happened next caused her expression to change greatly and she widened her eyes in shock...


    The aura from Wei Yiyi's entire being stirred and her seductive face was filled with such a cold chill that it was terrifying. Her eyes glared coldly at the swords aimed towards her.

    "A high-level Martial King? Impossible, her poison could not be cured!"

    Based on Wei Yiyi's talent in the past, it would not be difficult for Xueyi to believe that she would successfully breakthrough to the rank of a high-level Martial King. But the problem was, Wei Yiyi had been poisoned in the past. Forget about breakthroughs, it would not even be possible for her to stop her powers from degenerating!

    How? She wondered. How was she able to cure the poison?

    "The Treasury of Medicine. It must be the Treasury of Medicine!"

    Elder Xueyi gritted her teeth and fixed a furious glare on Wei Yiyi.

    That's right, she fumed.  This must be due to the Treasury of Medicine which allowed her to cure herself of the poison!

    "This Wei Yiyi cannot be spared."

    A murderous intent flashed across Rongyue's eyes as she mumbled to herself.

    Wei Yiyi must die no matter what! She fumed.  Otherwise, if she were to return to the Medicine Order and unite the old fellows who still do not believe that she betrayed us, it would definitely bring danger to my Master.

    As for that Gu Ruoyun who had taken her in, she must die too!

    Rongyue suddenly remembered the person who had visited her yesterday in the middle of the night and she instantly felt calmer.

    That person had guaranteed to her that the Medicine Order will be the champions of the Divine Trials this year. Furthermore... Even if she were to murder the Dongfang Family team on the spot, he assured her that the Medicine Order would not receive any repercussions!


    Wei Yiyi quickly leaped into the air and stepped onto the swords. Then, just as the Medicine Order disciples were recovering from the shock of seeing her true power, she drove her heel in and shattered the blades, causing the shards to fall to the ground with a loud clang. She then slowly descended to the ground.

    "Kill her!"

    The Medicine Order disciples exchanged a look and charged towards her with murderous intent in their eyes.

    These disciples of the Dongfang Family must all die here!

    During Wei Yiyi's duel with the Medicine Order disciples, the eliminations were already in motion. Even if the Dongfang Family team were pushed off the arena now, they would at least be placed last in the Trials and would not be eliminated!

    Since that was the case, it's best to kill them now!

    "Watch out!"

    Dongfang Qingyun wrinkled her brow and joined the other disciples surrounding Wei Yiyi.

    Even though they have had their breakthroughs, the opposing team members were all high-level Martial Kings. They cannot afford to slack off in this competition.

    "Rongyue, did you say that that person can guarantee that the Medicine Order won't face any punishment even if we end up killing someone?"

    Xueyi still found this hard to believe.

    She wanted to kill them all off too but she did not dare commit such a crime out of fear that the Three Great Authorities would punish them severely for it. But can the person who had paid Rongyue a visit last night really guarantee that?

    "That's right," Rongyue nodded, "That person held a token from the Spirit Sect and is not of a low rank in the sect either. Furthermore, our Medicine Order has vowed our loyalty and devotion to the Immortal Realm. Now that both the Spirit Sect and the Immortal Realm stands with us, we need not worry about the Courts of Hell. Besides, the representative from the Courts of Hell this year is the high-level Martial Emperor, Elder Jiu."
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