Chapter 456: Gratitude And Resentment (2)

    Chapter 456: Gratitude And Resentment (2)

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    At this moment, her aura stirred from within. Wei Yiyi did not seem to feel the dangers which were heading towards her from all directions as she quickly pulled out a soft strip from her waist and lashed out fiercely at the people surrounding her.

    "Wei Yiyi, you're looking for death! You're nothing but a traitor. The one who should be wiped out is you!"

    The five disciples of the Medicine Order made their move and aimed their swords at Wei Yiyi's throat at the same time. High-level Martial Kings' auras erupted from within them and a murderous intent stirred recklessly around the plaza.

    Everyone began to grow anxious as if they could almost see that woman, as beautiful as a rose, lying dead in a pool of blood.

    Some of them were shaking their heads hopelessly. This was the consequence of her arrogance. If the Dongfang Family members had attacked as one, they probably wouldn't be losing so badly even if they ended up pushed off the arena.

    Unfortunately, these people were far too savage.


    The soft strip in Wei Yiyi's hand was like a sword that cut sharply across the surroundings. A loud slashing noise could be heard as if something had torn through the air. However, the five disciples of the Medicine Order had leaped back and dodged the attack.

    Their swords were like a rain of blades that pierced towards Wei Yiyi. Even the people around her spread out and some even rolled off the arena out of fear that the battle would wound them as well.

    Soon, only a few organizations remained on the arena stage.

    Just as Wei Yiyi managed to dodge the rain of swords, a sharp wind came slicing towards her back. Before she could avoid it, the sound of a blade piercing through the skin could be heard. The blade had stabbed her arm and blood began to trickle down from the wound. Gradually, more and more blood started to flow and her entire arm was soon stained with blood.


    Wei Yiyi licked the blood from her arm. She swept her alluring gaze towards the Medicine Order disciple and spoke seductively, "Was that all you've got? As a disciple of the Medicine Order, when have you all become so... Disappointing? Want me to teach you? Hmm?"


    He didn't know why, but upon locking eyes with Wei Yiyi's seductive gaze, the disciple's mind went blank and he began to hum to himself.

    "The art of seduction!"

    Seeing the dazed look on the male disciple's face, Xueyi's expression changed greatly, "That demon woman Wei Yiyi has actually learned the art of seduction! This was bad!"

    Just as she spoke, Wei Yiyi made her move!

    She lifted her long, snow-white thigh, and aimed it straight towards the male disciple's lower abdomen, sending him flying out of the way in one kick. He landed on the very edge of the arena with a loud crash and his head made contact with a pillar, causing the male disciple to faint.

    "Now it's your turn!"

    Wei Yiyi slowly turned her gaze, her seductive face was devoid of emotion.

    She had kicked the male disciple to the edge of the arena on purpose. If one person was pushed off the arena, the Medicine Order will have lost! And she, will of course, never be able to vent her frustrations this time!

    Hence, she was not going to allow such a swift defeat for the Medicine Order!

    Whatever happened next shocked the crowd so much that their eyeballs nearly fell to the ground!

    Initially, the Medicine Order had five high-level Martial Kings and Wei Yiyi would face some difficulty in her fight against them. But after taking care of one, it was easier for her to take care of the rest!

    Don't judge Wei Yiyi just because she was a high-level Martial King as there were no more levels that can outmatch her in that particular rank. Unless the opposing team suddenly breaks through to the rank of a Martial Emperor, they cannot possibly defeat her!

    But really, under these circumstances, who could possibly break through to the rank of a Martial Emperor now?

    Hence, under Wei Yiyi's powerful attacks, the opposing team was forced to concede even with four Martial Kings on their side! Some had been pinned to the ground and treated to a thorough punching session from Wei Yiyi. They were hit so many times that they did not even have the chance to beg for mercy!
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