Chapter 457: A Wager (1)

    Chapter 457: A Wager (1)

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    "The Medicine Order has lost!"


    The crowd was astounded.

    They were all Martial Kings, but only one from the Dongfang Family had gone up against five from the Medicine Order. Yet the five could not defeat one! Had they not seen this with their own eyes, they would never have believed it.

    "Elder Xueyi, there's no need to worry," said Rongyue soothingly upon seeing Elder Xueyi's ugly expression. "This Wei Yiyi may have gotten rid of the poison and broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King but so what? A Martial King, when compared to a Martial Emperor, is an entire level apart. The Dongfang Family could not possibly win! It is only the elimination round, so what if they passed? I'll show the Dongfang Family what a true nightmare looks like in the rest of the Trials."

    Gu Ruoyun, was it not enough for you all to admit defeat in the elimination round like obedient little children? She thought. Yet you stubbornly insist on showing off! Since that's the case, don't blame me for whatever happens next!

    Rongyue swept her gaze towards the peerlessly beautiful man next to Gu Ruoyun and a sense of determination to win flashed across her eyes.

    When the time comes, I will show that man that when compared to me, Gu Ruoyun was a good-for-nothing with no redeeming qualities!

    As if sensing her gaze, Qianbei Ye wrinkled his brows and turned his bloodthirsty yet ethereal gaze towards Rongyue. A cold light flashed across his eyes.

    She didn't know why but when Rongyue's eyes met Qianbei Ye's, she felt her heart tremble.

    His blood-red eyes were cruel and fearsome, there was an arrogance in his expression as if everyone was beneath him.

    It was hard to believe that anyone would have a gaze that looked as if he viewed the people of the world as tiny individuals with no power.

    Yet, in front of that Gu Ruoyun woman, he presents such gentleness and listens to her every word. Why was it that when he looks at me, it was always with such cruelty...


    I must make it such that I will be the only one in that man's eyes.

    And only I shall receive his gentleness.

    "Xiao Yun, I don't like the way her eyes look." Qianbei Ye wrinkled his brow, "She looks at me with too much greed, it's disgusting."

    Gu Ruoyun noticed Rongyue's gaze as well and furrowed her brow. A cold light flashed across her clear eyes.

    "If you don't like her eyes, then I'll dig out her eyes in the end for you, alright?"


    Qianbei Ye's face lit up with a smile. In that instant, it was as if every living thing had lost their color.

    Xiao Yun was willing to dig out this woman's eyes for me,  he thought.  Does this prove that I'm in Xiao Yun's heart?

    This new piece of information put Qianbei Ye in such a great mood that even the gloomy aura from his body dissipated by quite a bit.


    In the plaza's arena, the disciples of the Medicine Order had all been flung onto the ground. They panted as they stared at the woman in red. Their eyes were filled with hatred as one spoke, "Wei Yiyi, you will not have an easy death!"


    Wei Yiyi threw her leg forward and fiercely flung the Medicine Order disciple who had spoken off the arena and into the crowd of spectators with one swift kick.

    "You'd better report to that sl*t and tell her that I, Wei Yiyi, will soon storm the Medicine Order and have my revenge!" Wei Yiyi touched her red skirt and smiled coldly as she spoke, "In this elimination round, I'll let you off for now. But next time, for the rest of the Trials, I will kill any disciple of the Medicine Order that comes my way! Even If you were to send two at a time, I'll kill them both! What are you still doing here? Leave!!!"

    The disciples of the Medicine Order scrambled to their feet and quickly jumped off the arena. Just before they left, they glared hatefully at Wei Yiyi.
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