Chapter 458: A Wager (2)

    Chapter 458: A Wager (2)

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    "This woman's schemes do not seem to be in the right place."

    At the judges' seat, the elder of the Immortal Realm, Bai Xiangtian stared coldly at Wei Yiyi in the arena and slowly spoke, "The Medicine Order hah lost long ago yet she would not allow them to leave the arena. She didn't even give them the chance to surrender. A woman like this will be the bane of the mainland sooner or later."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi laughed coldly, "When compared to Wei Yiyi, I'm afraid that the disciples of the Medicine Order were far crueler. They clearly used killing attacks. Anyone with sub-par powers would have died by their sword immediately. If that were to happen, would you still say this?"

    Even though the Honorable Sir Tianqi did not know Wei Yiyi personally, she was still a member of the Dongfang Family team. He would certainly provide help at a time like this.

    "Honorable Sir Tianqi, don't think I don't know your relationship with the Dongfang Family. You've kept this from many people but you can't keep this away from the eyes and ears of the Immortal Realm!" sneered Bai Xiangtian. "So that's why you would stand on the Dongfang Family's side but unfortunately, those from the younger generation of the Dongfang Family are unable to support the mud on the walls and are no match for the geniuses of the Medicine Order."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi's eyes flashed as he smiled, "Honorable Sir Xiangtian, if that's the case, how about we make a little wager?"

    "A wager?" Bai Xiantian sneered, "How would you like to make this wager?"

    "It's very simple!"

    Honorable Sir Tianqi's elderly face was plastered with smiles. He stared cunningly at the old man in white next to him, "I bet that the Dongfang Family will be the champions of this year's Divine Trials! I've also heard that your Immortal Realm has obtained the historical remains of an ancient folk remedy. If you lose, you'll give that folk remedy to me. If I lose, I will give this low-class spiritual weapon in my possession to you."

    Bai Xiangtian fell silent.

    This old man may be quite shameless on a regular basis but he wouldn't possibly make a wager with me, knowing that he would lose,  he thought. Especially since this fellow can be quite petty, he wouldn't risk anything if he wasn't 100% sure...

    Could it be that there's something in this that I don't know about?

    "Honorable Sir Tianqi, I have no interest in making wagers..."

    Just as Bai Xiangtian was about to reject him, he noticed that the Honorable Sir Tianqi was letting out an obvious sigh of relief.

    His expression was as if he had regretted his proposal and, upon seeing that the opposition did not agree to it, felt immediately more relaxed.

    "However..." After seeing the Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression, Bai Xiangtian quickly changed his tone, "If you, Honorable Sir Tianqi is interested in this sort of thing, then I am willing to keep you company."


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi cried out anxiously and stared in panic at Bai Xiangtian. He looked as if he was thoroughly regretting this.

    "This is... This is... Argh!" He let out a heavy sigh. "For such a pure and virtuous person like me, since the words have been spoken then I cannot take them back. Alright, let's make a wager!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi seemed to have used all his might to spit out those words and his entire body leaned softly against his chair.

    Bai Xiangtian smiled disdainfully at the sight of his pale face.

    This old man actually dared to scare me, he nearly saw through my moralities! He thought.  Luckily, I've managed to call his bluff and agreed in time. The Dongfang Family could not possibly defeat the Medicine Order in the Trials this time! And as for the spiritual weapon in this old man's hands, it will soon be mine.

    Bai Xiangtian smiled in satisfaction at the thought of this.

    In that moment, he did not notice that the Honorable Sir Tianqi was also grinning from ear to ear.

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    Chapter 459: Cheating (1)

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    That pill formula is far more valuable than a spiritual weapon! Thought the Honorable Sir Tianqi . Nowadays, pill formulas have all vanished from the face of the mainland but the old man from the Immortal Realm seemed to have had a stroke of luck to discover pill formulas at an archaeological site. And I have long coveted that pill formula!

    As if he could almost see that pill formula in the palm of his hand, the Honorable Sir Tianqi nearly laughed out loud but he held it back as he was afraid that Bai Xiangtian, who was right next to him, would notice.


    In the plaza, Zuo Shangchen lightly curled his lips and shot a look at the disciples of the Dark Yin Palace who were still in the arena. Then, he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and smiled with magnificence, "Xiao Yun'er, the Dark Yin Palace will not quibble with you over the first place in this elimination round. Whatever comes next in this competition, we won't go easy on you."


    In that instant, the crowd began to scuttle away.

    Even though the Dark Yin Palace disciples had forfeited the elimination round and accepted the second place, based on the Dongfang Family's current level of strength, not only were they not eliminated from the Divine Trials but they've even defeated the Medicine Order. This has shocked the entire crowd.

    "Cough, cough," Seeing that the competition was over, the City Governor glanced at the old men next to him before letting out a dry cough and said, "The elimination round is over. We will arrange the ranks based on the results of the elimination round. Please get some rest now, everyone. Let us all gather at the plaza again tomorrow."

    After the City Governor spoke, the crowd began to disperse. The participants in the arena also returned to their respective teams.

    Amidst the crowd, Rongyue made her way to the Dongfang Family's domain. Her eyes swept past Gu Ruoyun and landed on Wei Yiyi's charming face.

    "Senior aunt Yiyi, long time no see. Master and senior uncle have missed you. Why don't you visit them?"

    Wei Yiyi laughed charmingly but her smile did not reach her eyes, "Far more than their thoughts of me, I miss them dearly as well. Once the Trials are over, you can go back and report to that sl*t and b*stard that I, Wei Yiyi, will soon pay them a visit to reminisce about the good old days!"

    A cold light flashed across Rongyue's eyes but her arrogant and cold face maintained its smile, "Alright. Then we'll await your arrival, senior aunt Yiyi, in the Medicine Order. I will take my leave now. One more thing..."

    As she spoke, she paused, then stared down at her in an arrogant manner.

    "Even though you are my senior aunt, I won't go easy on you in the Trials!"

    Then, she said nothing more as she led the Medicine Order out of the area.

    From the start of the altercation to the end, Rongyue did not even look at Qianbei Ye, it was as if she did not see him at all.


    The second round of the competition was held the following day and was filled with more excitement than the elimination round. Many powerful organizations have gathered and some were still discussing Wei Yiyi's heroic feat as a one-woman show against a group of enemies.

    However, the Dongfang Family's performance yesterday was particularly shocking. It still does not mean that the crowd fully believed in their strength yet.

    As long as they did not even have one disciple with a breakthrough to the rank of a Martial Emperor, they could not possibly achieve victory in the Trials!

    "Cough, cough."

    Under the gaze of the crowd, the governor of Cloud City brushed his robes and took his seat. He let out a dry cough and spoke, "Everyone, quiet please."

    It was as if his voice held power, the crowd became absolutely silent in an instant.

    "Based on yesterday's elimination round, the official Trials will begin today. We will follow the sequence of the ranks obtained during yesterday's elimination round! Furthermore, I want to declare this beforehand: In the subsequent competitions, every winning team shall accumulate 10 points while every losing team will only receive 5 points. The team with the most accumulated points will be the final victors."
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