Chapter 460: Cheating (2)

    Chapter 460: Cheating (2)

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    That also meant that in the subsequent rounds of the competition, one win or a loss doesn't really count for much. Only the team with the most accumulated points will become the champions of the Trials!

    This caused a lot of added pressure to the crowd and they grew increasingly anxious.

    Soon, the City Governor's servants began to hand out tokens to every organization. As the Dongfang Family was in first place during the elimination round, they got the first number, followed by the Dark Yin Palace and the Medicine Order.

    As for the Gu Family, they were in the sixth place - the last place!

    When he received his number, Gu Ling's expression turned into a particularly ugly shade as he glared at the Dongfang Family with gloom and ferocity.

    "Hmph, that was merely an elimination round. You guys can have it! Next time, my Gu Family will fiercely devastate your Dongfang Family! I'll make you understand the consequences of sheltering a person who belongs to me!"

    No matter what, he wanted to destroy the Dongfang Family in the competition so that they would understand that he was not the kind of person who should be provoked.

    "Seeing as everyone has already received their numbers, then let the Trials officially begin. Allow me to first introduce the teams!" The City Governor glanced at the crowd before him and let out a dry cough, "Number 1 will go up against number 3, number 2 will go up against number 4, and number 5 against number 6! All teams mentioned shall send one representative to participate in the competition. Now, you may all discuss on whom you wish to send as a representative then write it on a piece of paper and hand it to me."

    There were three arenas in the plaza. In order to save time, all six team members will be put through the Trials at the same time. Of course, in order to ensure a fair match, the teams will not be allowed to know the opposition's chosen representative! At the same time, members who have already competed were not allowed to enter any subsequent matches!

    However, no one expected the Dongfang Family to go up against the Medicine Order so soon.

    "Guess, who do you think will win this round?"

    "It goes without saying that it's going to be the Medicine Order without a doubt. Based on the Medicine Order's powers, they cannot lose!"

    "I think so too. The Dongfang Family cannot be compared with the Medicine Order."

    The crowd shook their heads, obviously looking down on the Dongfang Family.

    Meanwhile, in the Dongfang Family team, Dongfang Changjin turned towards the group and asked, "We'll be going against the Medicine Order in the first round. Who amongst you is willing to go first?"

    "Elder, l will go."

    Hearing this, Qingyun quickly stood up and said, "I am willing to fight the Medicine Order."


    Dongfang Changjin paused in silence, then nodded her head, "Qingyun, your powers are at the rank of a high-level Martial King. It would be safer for you to go. Hence, you shall represent us in the match against the Medicine Order. Furthermore, you must be careful. If you really cannot go on, admit defeat."

    "Don't worry, Elder. I won't lose!"

    How many years has it been?

    How many years has it been where the Dongfang Family was forfeited in the elimination round?

    All of this has been due to the machinations of the Medicine Order!

    Now, with great difficulty, we finally have the chance to vent our frustrations. I will not give up!

    Soon, the other teams finished choosing their respective representatives and the eyes of the crowd slowly drew their attention to the arena.

    Rongyue observed Qingyun who was making his way on to the arena and a peculiar glint flashed across her eyes, "The Dongfang Family is sending him? Since that's the case, Qingling will not lose."


    In the arena, Qingling's disdainful gaze swept towards the man's face and laughed scornfully, "Qingyun, we meet again. What? You, a warrior vanquished by my hand, would actually have the guts to fight with me? Are you not afraid of me beating you like a dog once again?"

    Fun fact: Qingling is actually written as , which means quick and agile. Qingyun is written as , which means clear skies. They are in no way related to one another. :)
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