Chapter 461: Cheating (3)

    Chapter 461: Cheating (3)

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    Qingyun's expression changed, "That was last year. This time, I won't lose to you."

    "A defeated opponent is a defeated opponent, nothing will ever change that fact."

    Qingling sneered and without warning, an aura burst from her entire body!

    If this was the mid-level Martial King Qingyun, he would be cowering in fear under my coercion, she thought.  And then I will have the opportunity to trample all over him. Of course, this time should be no different!

    But just as her aura burst towards Qingyun, another burst of energy which was not her own erupted from the other's body. Upon feeling the strong coercion, Qingling's face changed greatly and she cried out with an ugly expression on her face, "A high-level Martial King! You've had a breakthrough!"

    If I remember correctly, Qingyun seemed to have been stuck as a mid-level Martial King for the longest time,  she thought.  I didn't think that he would have his breakthrough before the Divine Trials!

    "Qingyun, do you think that you can defeat me just because you've broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King? Stop dreaming, I will never lose to you!"


    The aura from both sides clashed and dispersed throughout the surrounding area, causing the both of them to stumble a few steps back.

    Qingling drew her sword and with a magnificent flash of the blade and the light of the sword came piercing towards Qingyun. Then, with one quick wave of her sword, countless rays from the sword shot towards Qingyun like a meteor rain.

    Qingyun leaped back to dodge the attack and just as he retreated, the rays from the sword fell onto the arena, carving out endless deep crevices on the ground. They were so deep that it was absolutely shocking.

    "Qingling, previously my powers were no match for yours so I had to suffer your humiliation. Now, I will no longer give you any chance to humiliate me! Give me an explosion!"

    Qingyun pointed a finger at Qingling and suddenly a golden light shot out from his fingertip. A deafening thunderbolt exploded towards Qingling. But just as the golden ray of light fell, Qingling had already dodged its attack.


    A loud, blaring sound was heard!

    At the same time, a large hole was chiseled into the place where Qingling had once stood, drawing the attention of the rest of the spectators.

    Qingling's expression turned into an extremely ugly shade. She had never anticipated that she would not be able to get rid of her opponent so quickly! She'll never live this down!

    "Qingyun, initially I had not wanted to attack you too brutally on account of the fact that we were old acquaintances. Unfortunately, you are far too insensitive. If you could only stand there quietly and remain still, wouldn't that have been much better for you? Yet you stubbornly insist on opposing me. Since that's the case, don't blame me for being vicious and merciless!"

    In Qingling's eyes, this Qingyun was nothing but an idiotic moron! If only he could have stayed obediently still, I might even have spared his life,  she thought.  Yet he stupidly insists on fighting back! This was simply the act of committing a foolish crime!

    Alright then!

    Since he's insisting on being that way, then I will show no mercy!

    In the judges' box, Bai Xiangtian wrinkled his brow as he observed the arena and calmly declared, "The Dongfang Family will lose this round."

    "What makes you think so?"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi raised an eyebrow and asked.

    "It's easy. Qingling has already broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial king long ago but the Dongfang boy has only reached that rank just a few days ago. So, it would seem that he hasn't accumulated enough stamina. Even though he may be able to defend himself with a few techniques, his spiritual energy will soon deplete and he will soon fall into a losing end!"

    While both sides seemed to be evenly matched, some could already tell that Qingyun was at a disadvantage. Especially since he'd only just had his breakthrough, and doesn't have enough control over his powers within this new rank. So, obviously, he was no match for Qingling.
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