Chapter 462: Cheating (4)

    Chapter 462: Cheating (4)

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    Even the Honorable Sir Tianqi could not help but frown, clearly feeling mildly troubled. Noticing the expression on his face, Bai Xiangtian was even more confident of the result. His initially arrogant and cold old face was now painted with an utterly complacent color.

    Time rolled on, and soon one burning incense was about to be burned out. The two opponents in the arena began to pant in exhaustion.

    By this time, Qingyun was not as capable of resisting Qingling's attacks as he had been during the start of the battle. He was forced to defend himself and did not have the chance to fight back.

    This was the difference between a long-time high-level Martial King and one who had just recently broken through to the rank.

    "Sigh, let's just watch the other arenas. It's not even the least bit unclear on who will win or lose here. It's not interesting at all."

    The spectators shook their heads and turned around to watch the other fights.

    Just at that moment, Qingyun suddenly took out a pill from his lapel and swallowed it. His tired and wounded body recovered visibly in an instant. Then, he took out another pill and swallowed it as well. His exhausted spiritual energy began to rejuvenate, filling to the brim.

    "Again!" said Qingyun as he wiped the sweat from his brow and stared at Qingling.


    The crowd was in a sensation and all eyes stared in disbelief at that handsome face. They looked as if they had all discovered a new mainland and were completely shocked to the core.

    "What was that thing that he just swallowed? How did he manage to heal all his wounds in an instant and refill his spiritual energy?"

    "Heavens, I've heard that the maternal granddaughter of the Dongfang Family is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun. Could it be that that candy-like object he had swallowed was actually a pill?"

    "A pill? You mean the pills that have long vanished from the face of the earth for over ten thousand years? My god, this pill was simply too miraculous, no wonder so many in the mainland are fighting for one!"

    In that instant, Qingling's expression turned extremely ugly. Her pale face was drenched in sweat as she gritted her teeth and glared at Qingyun, "You're cheating!"

    Qingyun curled his lip scornfully, "How am I cheating? If it's cheating to heal myself during battle, then you may use this method to cheat as well. Are you not a disciple of the Medicine Order? I've heard that the Medicine Order is quite excellent. Could it be that you can't even do this one thing? Tsk tsk, if that's the case, then you guys shouldn't be named the Medicine Order anymore. It's best that you change your name to the Ghost Order and be done with it."


    Just as he spoke, the audience laughed.

    The Ghost Order? In this entire world, he's probably the only one who would dare to spew such words,  they thought in unison.

    "You're looking for your own death!" Qingling was thoroughly enraged and her eyes seemed to be spitting fire, "My Medicine Order is holy and sacred, how can someone like you insult us? Anyone who dares to insult the Medicine Order must die!"


    Qingling gripped the sword in her hand and charged like a lightning bolt towards Qingyun. Her eyes were filled with the intent to kill as she gathered her spiritual energy into the palm of her hand. She then dispersed it into her sword and slashed it towards Qingyun with all her might.

    Due to her loss of spiritual energy, Qingling could only struggle with everything she had left. Win or lose, everything depended on this one attack!

    She believed that even though Qingyun had broken through as a high-level Martial King, he would not be able to withstand her last attack!

    "Go to hell, you go to hell!!!"


    Both swords clashed against one another and a strong light exploded from the collision. Qingling widened her eyes as she looked at Qingyun who had blocked her attack. Her face turned pale.

    How could this be? She wondered.  The attack that I gave everything that I had... Was blocked? I have now exhausted all of my spiritual energy, what can I do now?

    Anger, hatred, and humiliation. These three feelings appeared within Qingling's expression at the same time. Especially when she thought of how she would soon be defeated by Qingyun in front of the entire crowd. Her heart trembled violently as she gritted her teeth and stared hatefully at him.
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