Chapter 463: Cheating (5)

    Chapter 463: Cheating (5)

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    I can't take this!

    I really can't take this!

    My powers were clearly stronger than Qingyun's. It's only because he had used that pill to regain his spiritual energy that caused me to lose by his hand. How could I possibly concede to this?

    "These Medicine Order disciples are truly useless."

    From not too far away, a white-robed Shi Yun coldly stared at the fight in the arena as she lightly stroked the back of her snow-white jade-like hand with one finger. A sneer hung from the corners of her lips.

    "No matter what, I cannot allow the Medicine Order to lose this round." As she spoke, she lowered her pupils and calmly raised the corner of her lips, "But if I made a move to cheat, Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye will notice it in time. So this time, I'll have to rely on you."


    A shapeless form shot out from Shi Yun's body and flew towards Qingyun in the arena. In that instant, because everyone else was too far away from him, no one noticed a thing...

    "Xiao Yun! Watch out!"

    Suddenly, Qianbei Ye seemed to have noticed something and reached out to pull Gu Ruoyun into his embrace. His blood-red eyes were filled with terrifying bloodlust as an air of ruthlessness erupted from his entire being. His silvery hair entangled in the wind and his demonic yet peerlessly beautiful face was suddenly filled with murderous intent.

    "Xiao Ye?"

    Gu Ruoyun was dazed but when she regained her senses, a powerful explosion erupted from the arena. The next thing everyone saw was Qingyun body exploding like a firecracker with a crackling and rattling sound.

    Bai Xiangtian's nervousness suddenly disappeared, "It seems that Qingling's attack was effective at the last minute. The Dongfang Family loses!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi's elderly face changed completely. His sharp eyes searched the surroundings as a thick, gloomy, anger stirred from within his body, "The Medicine Order has cheated!"

    That's right! At that moment, I could feel an external energy from outside the arena, he mused.  That energy did not belong to Qingling! But just when I wanted to investigate it, that energy had disappeared...

    "Hehe," Bai Xiangtian sneered, "Honorable Sir Tianqi, just admit it. They've lost. Besides, everyone saw how Qingyun had lost to Qingling. You would disregard your honor as a judge for the sake of the Dongfang Family and spew such accusations. If you say that the Medicine Order has cheated, then show us the evidence."

    Actually, Bai Xiangtian had also sensed that distinct energy but he would never admit it!

    As long as the Honorable Sir Tianqi has no evidence, the Medicine Order will win this round!


    Pop, pop, pop!

    Explosion after explosion went on, destroying every inch of Qingyun's body as the crowd watched. The blood gushed out of his now limp and lifeless body, it was a dreadful sight to behold.

    Qingling had been initially stunned but quickly let out a loud laugh.

    "I told you, you were no match for me! How could anyone like you defeat me? I was only toying with you in the beginning, this was my true power. Hahaha!"

    Even though Qingling knew that someone was helping her from behind the scenes, nothing could stop her from taking all the glory. Besides, who could possibly know that someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes for her?

    The audience only saw her defeating Qingyun!

    "So, as it turns out, Lady Qingling was taking it easy on Qingyun. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken so long to defeat him"

    "If Lady Qingling had utilized the scale of this power from the start, she probably would have killed her opponent in one blow. Clearly, the disciples of the Medicine Order were too kind. They didn't want their opponent to lose too badly."

    "Tsk tsk, this Dongfang Family is still too weak!"

    No one noticed that at this very moment, Gu Ruoyun's face was as black as the depths of the ocean. A murderous intent flashed from within her once clear and calm gaze.
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