Chapter 471: Coincidence, A Definite Coincidence! (4)

    Chapter 471: Coincidence, A Definite Coincidence! (4)

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    In that moment, the crowd dived into a sensation. Everyone was engrossed in a fervent discussion and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

    Zhao Lin from the Peaceful Heaven Order actually conceded defeat!

    Besides, he'd lost to a child whose wings were not even fully grown yet!

    Did we hear it wrong? The crowd wondered in unison. Even if Zhao Lin fully intended on taking it easy on him, there was no need to admit defeat! Yet he has clearly admitted defeat...

    Bai Xiangtian's expression turned an ugly shade and he asked darkly, "You're sure about your choice?"

    "Yes." Zhao Lin gritted his teeth, "I admit defeat!"

    He knew that if he were to continue chasing the boy, he would end up dying from exhaustion. As such, it would be better for him to admit defeat. At least he wouldn't lose so spectacularly!

    "Seeing as the Peaceful Heaven Order has admitted defeat," Honorable Sir Tianqi hurriedly spoke up, not giving Bai Xiangtian any more opportunities, "Then the victor of this match is the Dongfang family!"

    This time, forget about everyone else, even the Dongfang family was stirred up.

    Linlang did not restrain herself and scooped up Bai Chuan, who had been making his way out of the arena, into her arms before kissing him furiously. This caused Bai Chuan's face to flush with embarrassment. He stared at Wei Yiyi as if pleading for her to save him.

    Wei Yiyi had been smiling since the very beginning. She did not say much. She was probably the only one who had truly believed that Bai Chuan would not lose in this match!

    It's true, Bai Chuan would not have been able to defeat Zhao Lin in a one-on-one fight. But Bai Chuan was exceptionally fast. Unless the opponent was at the rank of a Martial Emperor, not many would be able to catch him. Since they would be unable to catch him, he could actually exhaust them to death.


    Just then, a cynical scoff was heard from the sides. Linlang frowned at the sound of the voice and a sense of loathing flashed across her eyes.

    "Gu Ling, what do you want now?"

    The faces of the members of the Dongfang family changed greatly at the sight of Gu Ling who was leading a group of people towards them. The Dongfang family members quickly surrounded Linlang protectively.

    Gu Ling sneered and spoke snobbishly, "It seems that the Dongfang family is lacking in manpower. It's the only explanation as to why you've sent a child into the arena. Even if he did win, it was truly due to a stroke of luck and not based on his innate powers. I don't see why you should be celebrating at all."

    His words greatly enraged the disciples of the Dongfang family. If Dongfang Changjin had not stopped them, they would probably have charged towards him and beat him into a pulp.

    "Bunch of useless cowards!" Gu Ling's voice grew colder and colder, containing an unrestrained snobbishness, "If the Dongfang family goes up against the Gu family in the next round, I, Gu Ling, shall personally take on the match. I wonder if any of the Dongfang family members would dare go up against me? Hahaha!"

    He threw his head back and laughed before leaving despite the angry glares from the group.

    "There's no need to be rash." said Dongfang Changjin as she stared at the direction of Gu Ling's departure, "Settle all your grudges in the arena. That's the only way to avoid causing trouble for the Dongfang family."

    The group remained indignant anyway, that Gu family was simply made up of a bunch of intolerable bullies.

    However, possibly due to a fate determined by an unseen world, in the next draw, the Dongfang family coincidentally ended up having to fight against the Gu family. Some parties, who were already aware of the dispute between the two families, began to gossip fervently.

    "Master, I want to participate in this match."

    Linlang raised her head with eyes full of resolve.

    Dongfang Changjin furrowed her brows, "Are you sure? Your powers..."

    "Master, this has been a great burden from within my heart. If I don't defeat him, I'll never be able to live it down. So I must fight him. Don't worry, I won't lose. And I will not humiliate the Dongfang family!"

    In this moment, Linlang's heart held far more resolve than anyone else.

    She begged for the chance to participate in the trials for what reason? To defeat Gu Ling, of course! To wipe off her past disgrace!

    Hence, in this battle, not only was she going to participate, she was going to defeat Gu Ling!
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