Chapter 474: Linlang Versus Gu Ling (3)

    Chapter 474: Linlang Versus Gu Ling (3)

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    Is that... Truly worth all of this?  Wondered Gu Ling.

    But unbeknownst to Gu Ling, in Linlang's eyes, everything was worth it as long as she could kill him!

    Even the crowd was confused over what had happened and erupted into fervent discussions.

    "What kind of attack is that Dongfang family girl utilizing? How can it be that a high-level Martial King, Gu Ling, could end up being caught downwind?"

    "It seems that those attacks will not only hurt her enemy, it will cause harm to herself as well. Has she gone insane? Utilizing this last resort for the sake of victory?"


    Boom, boom, boom!

    Wave after wave of violent attacks was thrown at Gu Ling. The more Linlang attacked, the paler her face became. Her face seems to completely drained of color and blood began to flow from her nose. It was almost as if her blood was slowly being depleted from her system.


    A wave of her sword broke through Gu Ling's defenses and caused him to immediately stumble backwards. His forehead was now drenched in cold sweat and his face was as white as a sheet.

    "This girl is actually using the martial skill that I'd once taught her."

    Dongfang Changjin sighed helplessly, "Actually, if Gu Ling hadn't angered her with his words, she would never have used it. Now, she has only one goal - kill Gu Ling."

    As such, it does not even matter if she ended up harming herself in the process!


    Gu Ling finally panicked and gritted his teeth as he declared, "You quit being so f*cking insane. Can't you calm down?"

    Now, he thoroughly regretted needling her with his words!

    Because he had underestimated his enemy from the beginning, he did not even bother to bring along the crippled spirit weapon he had acquired during the trade fair so that now he was simply no match for her. Yet he never thought that Linlang would resort to attacks that would damage herself just to take down her opponent.

    "Gu Ling, you can go to hell!"


    Linlang's attack pushed Gu Ling back as she then raised her sword. Her bloodthirsty eyes were filled with a thick murderous intent. She then slashed her sword towards Gu Ling's chest in one fell swoop.

    The audience held their breath, no one had imagined that Linlang was truly going to kill him.

    The Elder of the Gu family's expression fell immediately and they bellowed angrily, "Stop, stop this right now!"


    A flash of white light suddenly appeared and crashed into Linlang's chest before the Elder of the Gu family could reach her. Linlang's body was promptly flung into the air, streaking across the skies like a curveball before falling to the ground.

    Shortly, an elderly yet chilling voice rang aloud.

    "Be lenient wherever possible, little girl. Your Dongfang family wins this round, there's no need for ruthlessness here."

    Bai Xiangtian's voice was cold yet it held unquestionable firmness.

    "Bai Xiangtian, what's the meaning of this?" The Honorable Sir Tianqi was enraged, "You, as a judge, would actually raise your hand and harm a participant?"

    Bai Xiangtian swept him a cold glance, "The participants here are all geniuses, we cannot afford to lose a single one of them. Their loss is equivalent to the loss of the mainland. Honorable Sir Tianqi, as an elder of the Spirit Sect, how could you not be aware of this one small thing?"

    His words held such an awe-inspiring righteousness that it was difficult for anyone to find a way to argue with him.


    The Dongfang family disciples quickly rushed to Linlang's side and carried her from the ground. Linlang's eyes were tightly shut and her expression was weak. Her attacks had been detrimental to her physical state and left her heavily injured. Then, she had to endure Bai Xiangtian's attack as well, which rendered her far too weak to even stand.


    Linlang slowly opened her eyes and clutched Dongfang Changjin's hand. A smile gradually appeared on her pale little face.

    "I won, I did not end up humiliating the Dongfang family..."
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