Chapter 475: Linlang Versus Gu Ling (4)

    Chapter 475: Linlang Versus Gu Ling (4)

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    Dongfang Changjin felt her heart ache. She gently stroked Linlang's head as she struggled to hold back tears and spoke with gratitude, "You've suffered greatly, my child."

    As Dongfang Changjin uttered these words, Linlang closed her eyes once more. If not for the faint sound of her weak breaths, everyone would have thought that she was dead...

    "Linlang has fainted, haha, she fainted!"

    Gu Lin, who had escaped the clutches of death, watched as Linlang lost consciousness and laughed, "Since she has fainted, then I should be the victor of the match. I am the winner! Haha!"

    Everyone looked at him with disdain as he made his declaration.

    If it weren't for the fact that the Honorable Sir Xiangtian had managed to save him in the nick of time, he would have fallen by Linlang's sword, they thought.  And the reason why Linlang fainted was because of the Honorable Sir Xiangtian's attack. What did that have to do with him?

    Besides, the Honorable Sir Xiangtian has already declared the Dongfang family as the winners of this round. Is this man an idiot?

    As such, the ones who had initially looked down on Linlang could not help but respect her when they compared her to Gu Ling.


    Bai Xiangtian wrinkled his brows and glared coldly at Gu Ling as a hint of scorn flashed across his eyes, "The victors of this match are the Dongfang family!"

    If it wasn't for the sake of preserving the talented individuals of the mainland, I would never have bothered to save this piece of trash! He fumed.  He has seriously humiliated me in front of everyone.

    Gu Ling's smile slowing disappeared as he stared dazedly at Linlang who was being carried off the arena by the Dongfang family's disciples. The color of his face changed from green to white, then from white to green.

    I've lost! He fumed, I've lost to the Dongfang family!


    This is unacceptable! How could I have lost! What power does that good-for-nothing Linlang have to defeat me?!

    "I did not lose. I will not lose. I have yet to utilize my crippled spirit weapon. How could I have lost? Get me my crippled spirit weapon. I want a rematch! That Linlang is nothing but a servant to the Gu family. As a servant, how could she have possibly defeated her master?"

    Had he lost to anyone else, Gu Ling may not have had such an exaggerated reaction!

    But when faced with the reality of being defeated by the Dongfang family... He could not believe it at all!


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression darkened, "If you've lost, then you've lost. The choice does not belong to you. Servants, have this fool thrown off the arena. What a humiliating eyesore! And..."

    He paused before turning to face Bai Xiangtian and smiled coldly, "Why didn't you stop the fight when Qingling of the Medicine Order was trying to kill the disciple of the Dongfang family? You've even made excuses for her actions by saying that her opponent did not admit defeat! Yet now, in the match between the Dongfang family and the Gu family, you moved to stop her! Bai Xiangtian, as a human being, how could you be so shameless? As they say, the heavens are watching over the deeds of men. One who has done many wrongs will soon face retribution!"

    Then, he rose from his seat, straightened his robes and walked away.

    Elder Jiu rose and followed suit, not bothering to even glance at Bai Xiangtian's face.

    As he watched the actions of both men, Bai Xiangtian's face turned ashen, "Merely an insignificant Dongfang family, was it even worth it for you both to act in such a way? The Dongfang family did not have to face the Medicine Order or the Dark Yin Palace the previous two rounds. Otherwise, they would have been defeated - without a doubt!"


    In the guest house, Gu Ruoyun had only just emerged to find Linlang being carried back. She frowned, "What happened?"

    Upon hearing her question, Wei Yiyi immediately explained everything which had happened in the arena.

    Gu Ruoyun's expression sank as a cold light flashed across her clear, beautiful eyes, "It seems that the Trials must end as soon as possible! Wei Yiyi, I had initially planned on letting you take care of the Medicine Order but now it seems that I have no choice but to make an appearance! Tomorrow, in the Trials, everyone shall know the true power of the Dongfang family. I will make sure of it!"
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