Chapter 476: A Decisive Battle (1)

    Chapter 476: A Decisive Battle (1)

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    The next day.

    At first light.

    In the bustling plaza, the crowd was in the midst of fervent gossip. However, they no longer looked at the Dongfang family with their initial disdain.

    The reason behind this was clear: Linlang's battle yesterday had successfully conquered the hearts of many! While she may not have been the most outstanding and talented participant, her immense courage and willpower kindled great admiration in everyone's heart.

    Just then, a faint cough sounded.

    The City Governor cleared his throat and spoke in a grave and stern voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, today we shall continue with the conclusion of the Trials! Now..."


    A voice from below interrupted him before he could finish his announcement.

    The crowd's eyes then turned collectively towards a young girl in green who was standing above the plaza.

    The young girl slowly made her way towards the arena under the watchful eyes of the crowd. A gentle breeze brushed through the girl's fine, black hair. The morning light illuminated her delicate features and cast a faint glow on her face. Her clear, cold gaze pierced through the hearts of the crowd.

    "What is she doing?"

    Rongyue frowned and stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun as she made her way towards the arena. A cold glint flashed across her eyes.

    "Young lady, this is a competition." The City Governor could not help but frown as well, "If there's anything you wish to say, you may speak after the Trials." He calmly stated.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently, "City Governor, since this is a competition, then can we have a decisive battle?"

    "A decisive battle? What do you mean?"

    The city governor's frowned deepened as he thought, I seriously don't know that this girl is playing at.

    "It's simple," Gu Ruoyun lightly raised the corners of her lips as she swept her cold gaze across the faces in the crowd, "If anyone thinks they can defeat me, step forward and fight me! If any of you manage to defeat me, that means that the Dongfang family has truly lost. If none of you manage to defeat me then the championship title of the Trials shall belong to the Dongfang family!"


    The entire crowd was rendered speechless upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's proposition. It was so quiet that you could even hear the sound of a gentle breeze blowing, crystal clear.

    However, after a silent pause, they suddenly erupted into a gigantic sensation. The noise immediately blanketed the entire plaza.

    "She wants a decisive battle? Against all the geniuses from every organization?"

    "Where does this woman get her confidence? Forget about the Martial Emperor Rongyue and Zuo Shangchen, she isn't even a match for the rest of the participants. How could the Dongfang family allow her to act with such carelessness?"

    "Insane, this woman is surely insane! Only a madwoman could spout such delusional intentions!"

    Forget about the rest, even the Dongfang family disciples were stunned by Gu Ruoyun's declaration. No one had anticipated that she would resort to such means to speed up the conclusion of the Trials!

    But when they remembered Gu Ruoyun's recent display of talent, they began to slowly calm down.

    One could say that she would never execute a plan if she did not have a guarantee. Seeing as she had made such a daring decision, she must be absolutely certain of the outcome!

    And they can only trust in her, that would be enough!

    "This..." The City Governor stared in astonishment then turned around to the three people behind him, "See this, oh wise Elders..."

    "Alright!" Bai Xiangtian sneered, "I have no objections. Let us bend the rules a little for her sake. As long as she wins the competition, I will declare the Dongfang family to be the champions of the Trials! However, she must complete all battles within an hour!"

    That also means that Gu Ruoyun must fight her opponents one after another without any opportunity for rest.

    Regardless of how powerful she is, facing her opponents one after another will tire her out. By then, she will face imminent defeat!
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