Chapter 479: A Decisive Battle (4)

    Chapter 479: A Decisive Battle (4)

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    A few ladies stepped forward to hit on him but were stopped by his beautiful palace maidens who refused to allow them to come any closer to their Master.

    Meanwhile, in the arena, Rongyue gripped her sword firmly in her hand and fixed her cold gaze upon the young girl before her. She no longer held any trace of her initial arrogance in the space between her brows. Instead, they now held a sense of strong cautiousness.

    "Gu Ruoyun, it goes without saying that I now have a whole new level of respect for you! Achieving the rank of a Martial Emperor at such a young age! However, since you're dying to challenge our entire Medicine Order all on your own... Fine then, I'll make your wish come true!"

    Rongyue knew that if she wished to defeat Gu Ruoyun on her own, she would need to waste a long period of time! She has no wish to waste time so she chose to resolve the battle as soon as possible!


    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    Countless figures morphed into white curves as they charged into the arena and stood in a uniform line next to Rongyue.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I certainly didn't expect you to turn out to be a Martial Emperor. No wonder you would be so bold as to challenge the Medicine Order! But what a shame. You alone are definitely no match for all of us!"

    "Little lady, there's a price for savagery. So what if you're a Martial Emperor? Our senior sister Rongyue is also a Martial Emperor yet she is not as savage as you... To actually challenge every genius of our Medicine Order!"

    "It would seem that we need to teach you a lesson so you'll understand that no matter how perfect one seems, there will always be better ones!"

    In the heart of the Medicine Order disciples, Gu Ruoyun was only a little girl. Despite the fact that she'd broken through to the rank of a Martial Emperor, it did not matter as they had years of experience. How could they be unable to cope with her together?

    However, the crowd once again exploded into gossip at the sight of the Medicine Order's actions. Some even looked at the Medicine Order with scorn.

    "The Medicine Order are bullies! Using their numbers to beat down a lone opponent?"

    "Sigh, it seems that this young lady is really in for it now! Her death is pretty much assured!"

    "Isn't that right? The Medicine Order is truly shameless. Although Gu Ruoyun might have gone a little overboard, this is a competition in an arena for goodness sake. They really intend on ganging up on her alone! If it were I, I would never say such things."

    The crowd shook their head and sighed.

    But soon enough, the ones who had spoken had nothing more to say.

    All they saw was the young girl in green slowly stepping forward. Her voice, calm like a gentle breeze, gently spoke, "Yunyao, isn't it about time you woke up?"

    Just as she spoke, a bright white light flashed before their eyes, revealing a small white cat which appeared out of thin air in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    The small cat still had its eyes closed and a faint glow of sacred light encircled her surroundings.

    Once Gu Ruoyun had fed Yunyao the holy spirit fruit during the trade fair, she had slipped into a deep slumber and had yet to awaken ever since then. Hence, she retained her previous disguise.

    As such, the disciples of the Medicine Order burst into laughter at the sight of the small cat.

    "Gu Ruoyun, how did you know that we were feeling hungry? Is that why you've produced this little cat? So we can have a large, sumptuous meal?"

    "Tsk tsk, was this the cat that you carried around during the trade fair? The one you fed that holy spirit fruit to? I wonder how a spiritual pet that has eaten a holy spirit fruit would taste like..."

    However, while everyone was laughing at Gu Ruoyun, Rongyue remained silent.

    Something isn't right! She thought.  This spiritual pet seems different from when I last saw it. Something really isn't right. Could it be that something that I'm unaware of had happened after that?

    Before Rongyue could figure out the source of the uncomfortable feeling she was feeling, the initially sleeping little cat suddenly opened its eyes.
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