Chapter 481: A Decisive Battle (6)

    Chapter 481: A Decisive Battle (6)

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    In her words, being Gu Ruoyun's saddled-mount was a higher position than the Order Master of the Medicine Order.

    How could the Medicine Order disciples not be infuriated by her words?

    One disciple lost all her senses and charged towards Yunyao with eyes that looked as if she was ready to tear her apart.

    "You're nothing but a b*stard and you dare to humiliate the Medicine Order! Spiritual beasts have only ever been instruments of war for humans. You think too highly of yourself!"

    Yunyao's gaze shifted from Rongyue, slowly falling onto the disciple who did not seem to fear for her life. With that one look, the Medicine Order disciple's mind went blank. Then, Yunyao's claws fell onto her and sent her flying out of the way.


    The Medicine Order disciple landed in a crumpled heap on the ground. A stream of fresh blood trickled down her mouth and her eyes filled with absolute terror.

    She wasn't even able to see how Yunyao had attacked! Just as she regained her senses, the tiger's claws were already right in front of her. She didn't even have the chance to escape the attack...


    Gu Ruoyun seemed to be losing her patience, "It's getting late and I need to go back and spend time with Xiao Ye. Can you speed it up a bit and take care of these people? There's no need to drag it out."

    "As you command, Master."

    Yunyao then charged swiftly towards the group.

    In that moment, all the audience could see was a white form running through the group. Then, the group of disciples who had been initially standing on the spot were sent flying into the sky before falling violently back onto the arena.

    Rongyue clutched the sword in her hand with an extremely ugly look on her face. She simply could not understand it. How could a tiger with such a large body be able to move so swiftly? She wondered.  Even I, who is at the same level as her, was unable to see her movements clearly.

    "Rongyue, watch out behind you!"

    Xueyi watched as the large shadow of the tiger appeared out of thin air from behind Rongyue. Her expression changed greatly as she clenched her hands into fists.

    It seems that this time, I must use that final trump card! She fumed.  Even though we had agreed with that superior to provide the Medicine Order with an alternative course of action from the beginning but I didn't want to do that. However, in a situation like this, I can't be too bothered about it anymore! The championship title must not fall into the hands of the Dongfang family.

    Especially since that Gu Ruoyun is the daughter of Dongfang Yu!

    Dongfang Yu!

    Even now, whenever Xueyi thought of her name, she would gnash her teeth hatefully.

    That woman would always stifle me in the Trials all those years ago, she fumed.  Now, how can I continue to allow Rongyue to be defeated by her daughter?

    I will not be satisfied!

    "Gu Ruoyun, you will never defeat the Medicine Order no matter what. Victory shall be ours!"

    In the arena.

    Gu Ruoyun frowned and turned towards Rongyue who was under Yunyao's attack and powerless to fight back. She calmly replied, "Apart from the few who have already participated in the previous rounds of the Trials, it seems that one person from the Medicine Order is missing. Who is this person? Why hasn't she shown herself?"


    Yunyao threw Rongyue to the ground. Rongyue's face was now white as a sheet as she clenched her fist and trembled.

    No one else could have thought that the low-level Martial Emperor, Rongyue, who was at the same level as Yunyao herself, would be completely powerless against her - unable to fight back at all. This was simply a case of a one-sided devastation.

    Just then, Rongyue burst into a particularly terrifying laugh.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you think that you've won just because you've beaten me? That's where you're wrong! I'm not the most powerful person in the Medicine Order!"

    She is not the most powerful person in the Medicine Order?

    Gu Ruoyun lightly raised her eyebrows but just before she could reply, a suddenly burst of powerful energy erupted, causing a slow stillness in her very being.

    "A high-level Martial Emperor!"

    The most powerful person in the Medicine Order is only at the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor, she mused.  So where did this high-level Martial Emperor come from?

    "No! This aura isn't from anyone in the Medicine Order!"

    Sensing the familiar aura from far away, Gu Ruoyun's eyes grew colder by the second. An unreadable light flashed across her fair visage.
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