Chapter 488: Shi Yuns Demise (3)

    Chapter 488: Shi Yun's Demise (3)

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    Qianbei Ye looked like a child who had done something wrong and was afraid that Gu Ruoyun would reprimand him. He lowered his head in distress and explained himself carefully.

    His current demeanor was a fresh comparison with his previous impression, causing jaws to drop amongst the ones who were still in shock with his aura.

    However, the members of the Dongfang family were already jaded with the sight of it and were not as shocked as the rest of the crowd.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi finally let out a sigh of relief and slowly sat down again. He spoke with a sullen face, "Kun Nan, how much longer do you plan to continue your ruckus? Get your *ss back to the Spirit Sect or I'll have your Master drag you!"

    "Hehe." Kun Nan sniggered softly in a voice filled with an icy chill and bloodlust, "If I leave, then Shi'er comes with me!"

    He then turned his attention to Qianbei Ye and sneered, "You must be Shi'er's former lover who had lost his memories due to the machinations of others and has now mistaken Gu Ruoyun for Shi'er. Have you ever thought of Shi'er's feelings? Seeing as you had once loved each other, how could you have fallen for another so easily?"

    Qianbei Ye frowned and turned towards Gu Ruoyun, "Xiao Yun, this guy is making too much noise. Can I kill him?"

    Gu Ruoyun paused in silence, then replied.

    "He's still a member of the Spirit Sect. Let's show the Honorable Sir Tianqi some face. Don't kill him."

    Hearing this, the Honorable Sir Tianqi heaved a sigh of relief once again.

    Regardless of the situation, that Kun Nan was that old man's disciple, he thought.  If he were to get killed here, Gu Ruoyun would end up courting a disaster that would be difficult for her to clear up, knowing that old fellow's attitude in seeking revenge for the smallest grievances.

    But just as he was about to let go of his worries, he heard a sudden change in Gu Ruoyun's tone, "Make it so that he is half-paralyzed, that will be enough."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi smiled bitterly as he thought, How could I have forgotten... This girl is also the kind who seeks revenge for the smallest grievances. She would never allow for herself to be shortchanged.

    Actually, Gu Ruoyun was merely in the understanding that Kun Nan would naturally devise ways to seek revenge for Shi Yun once she had Shi Yun killed off. This would alert Kun Nan's Master sooner or later but Shi Yun must die, without a doubt. Seeing as she would be provoking someone anyway, why not cause more harm along the way?


    Qianbei Ye gently nodded and fixed his blood-red eyes upon Kun Nan.

    "What are you going to do?!!!"

    Kun Nan's heart clenched with panic as he nervously backed away. But before he could continue his retreat, a crisp noise was heard and hs wrists were crippled immediately.


    He screamed in anguish. However, that was only the beginning of the true taste of pain...

    Qianbei Ye broke very muscle and bone in his body then connected them again. He repeated the torture over and over again. I the end, Kun Nan lost all his strength, he could not even scream as the torment was too great for him to bear...

    Shi Yun could only watch in absolute horror, so terrified that she could not speak. But she felt more heartbroken than afraid!

    Of course, her heart did not ache for Kun Nan. To her, Kun Nan was merely a tool. The real person who caused her heartache was Qianbei Ye!

    She simply could not understand it.  Which part of me wasn't as good as this woman? How was it that only she could behold Qianbei Ye's gaze?

    Suddenly, she felt a chill that pierced deep into her bones from behind, causing her back to stiffen violently.

    The faces of the members of the Medicine Order changed greatly at the sight of the figure who rushed into the arena, "Wu Yue, what are you doing?" They cried out in panic.

    Of course, their words were already useless.
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