Chapter 491: Shi Yuns Demise (6)

    Chapter 491: Shi Yun's Demise (6)

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    "Leng Yanfeng, you've gone mad!"

    Shi Yun spat out a mouthful of blood. She then stared at the thoroughly angered Leng Yanfeng and declared with a cold look on her face.

    "If you do not kill this woman, I will make it such that you will have no right to stay by my side."


    Leng Yanfeng laughed wildly and replied with a malevolent look on his face, "Shi Yun, had I not mistaken you for the person who once saved me, I would never have joined you in the first place! I've given you so much... The person you like? I had been willing to snatch him away for you. When you wanted to seize power? I helped you take it! Because of that, I even pushed Xia Linyu of the Xia family off a cliff. And when you wanted to get Kun Nan's attention, I helped you to achieve your desire. But you, what had you given me in return? I was your dog, made to serve you wholeheartedly, and I even had to endure your beatings and scoldings! However, I had not minded any of that. What I cannot accept, however, is that you are not even the person whom I had been waiting for!"

    Shi Yun's expression thoroughly changed. She never expected Leng Yanfeng to make such a confession in front of such a huge crowd.

    Kun Nan, who was still under Qianbei Ye's intimidation, was stunned upon overhearing those words. He turned around in astonishment and stared dazedly at Shi Yun's incomparable beautiful face with eyes shrouded in disbelief.

    "Is this true? Shi'er, you tell me, is this true? That we did not meet by chance, that it had been all planned out?"

    Shi Yun's expression changed then quickly reverted to her delicate yet moving expression, "Big Brother Nan, Gu Ruoyun had bribed Leng Yanfeng and made him plant false evidence against me on purpose. Do you trust my word?"

    "I trust you, I trust you. Even if the whole world were to accuse you, Shi'er, of being a bad person, I will still believe in you, Shi'er."

    It's true, he trusted her. He was honor-bound to never turn his back on her and believe in her every word even if the entire world did not trust her at all.

    Because his Shi'er was perfect. To him, a woman like her could not possibly devise such malicious schemes.

    "Big Brother Nan, that woman who looks exactly like me... I have no idea who she is and I don't know where Gu Ruoyun had found her. She's using her to frame me, so please kill her for me, alright?"


    Kun Nan's heart softened as he gazed upon Shi Yun's weeping yet still beautiful face, "Anyone you hate, Shi'er, shall be an enemy of the Spirit Sect."

    In the judge's box, the Honorable Sir Tianqi shook his head and sighed.

    "Kun Nan is usually highly intelligent but why is he acting like such an idiot now?"

    Elder Jiu, who was seated next to him, laughed and answered calmly, "This is the fate of those who fall into the web of love. Kun Nan does not trust Shi Yun. He surely has his suspicions but he's forcing himself away from these thoughts! It is only unfortunate that this Shi Yun is fated to bring disaster upon the rest of his life."

    Elder Jiu was right. Kun Nan's belief in Shi Yun was not without question. After all, Shi Yun's attitude towards Wu Yue was already questionable on its own.

    However, he continued to force himself into believing her words.

    "Kill her?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and slowly approached Kun Nan.

    Glancing at the figure in green robes, Kun Nan's expression darkened greatly, "What do you think you're doing?"


    With the flash of a blade, one of Kun Nan's hands was chopped off. He wailed in anguish from the extreme pain. In that instant, a small pill swiftly flew into his mouth, entering his throat before he could spit it out.

    "What did you just make me eat?"

    Kun Nan's face was ashen as he hurriedly dug into his mouth with his finger, frantically trying to cough the pill out.

    But his attempts were useless. Once the pill had entered his mouth, its contents immediately dispersed throughout his body. There was no way for him to cough it out now.
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