Chapter 492: Shi Yuns Demise (7)

    Chapter 492: Shi Yun's Demise (7)

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    "Oh, nothing much." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "I was born timid so I don't wish to have anyone come after me after I crippled you. That's why I fed you with this poison. Don't you worry, this poison won't bring you any harm after it has dispersed into your system. It will only release its toxicity when I want it to!"

    "You have no shame!"

    Kun Nan gritted his teeth hatefully and shot Gu Ruoyun a deadly glare.

    "So what if I'm shameless? I'm only timid. Besides, this matter has nothing to do with the Spirit Sect. This is It's a grudge between Shi Yun and I, and I will have her executed today no matter what!"

    Once she made her declaration, she turned around and walked towards Shi Yun. She raised her leg and drove her heel fiercely into Shi Yun's wrist, causing her to cry out in pain.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you will definitely not have an easy death."

    Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips, "There are many who wish for my death, your demise will not lessen the numbers. But I'm still alive and well. You, on the other hand, will not possibly live past this day."


    Her foot seemed to weight 500 kilograms all of a sudden, fiercely driving into Shi Yun's wrist and smashed it into pieces. Shi Yun's face was now completely drained of color, she was in such pain that she no longer had the strength to scream.


    Bai Xiangtian slammed his hand on the table as he rose to his feet, glaring icily at Gu Ruoyun, "If you want to execute her, grant her a quick death. What do you have to prove by torturing her now?"

    "No." Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "The one who should execute her isn't me, it's Wu Yue. I'm simply taking away all opportunities for her to fight back so I've only going to cripple her."

    Once she said her piece, she completely ignored the ugly look on Shi Yun's face and turned towards Wu Yue. She said with a smile, "Wu Yue, for everything she's ever done to you in the past, you can do whatever you wish to her. Remember, you have the right to delay her the sweet escape of death."

    Wu Yue was momentarily stunned. She then looked at Wei Yiyi. Once the latter nodded in approval, she slowly crawled to her feet and weakly made her way towards Shi Yun.

    "Shi Yun, did you ever think that you would not receive retribution for all the sins you've committed? Oh, I've waited for this day to come for far too long."

    Wu Yue laughed.

    It was the laugh of a woman filled with joy for being granted the opportunity to pay back a huge grudge.

    "All these years, how many people have you harmed in your quest for power? How many young geniuses have you destroyed then drained them of their mental powers? Whenever someone rejects you, you accuse them of being selfish and not contributing to the good of the mainland, that they would be cursed by posterity? But, how was your increase in power related to the mainland? What? Did you think that you were the only one with the capabilities to save us all?"

    When she came face-to-face with Shi Yun, Wu Yue paused in her steps then continued speaking at a slower pace, "Shi Yun, look around you, you've left too much hatred behind you. The geniuses whose deaths had been caused by you... Such a selfish person, you're the true disaster of the mainland!"

    Shi Yun glared at Wu Yue with eyes full of hatred, like a knife that could easily pierce into her heart.

    If I were not too weak to even speak from this agony, she thought, I would raise hell and scream back at this woman!

    "Shi Yun, you are truly damned. But don't you worry. I won't let you die so easily. For all the torment you've given to me in past, I shall return the agony to you, ten thousand times over!"


    Wu Yue slowly gathered the energy from her body into her sword. Then, she pointed it towards Shi Yun, who was lying in a pool of blood. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, she swung it towards her hand and chopped off the wrist that had already been smashed under Gu Ruoyun's foot.
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