Chapter 493: Shi Yuns Demise (8)

    Chapter 493: Shi Yun's Demise (8)

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    "Stop it, f*cking stop this right now!"

    Kun Nan felt his heart twist with pain. He was just about to rush towards Shi Yun until he noticed Gu Ruoyun shooting a glare at him. With that one look, he immediately felt a sharp pain in the vital organs of his body and fell twitching on the ground.

    He knew that this was all because of the poison that Gu Ruoyun had given him!

    "Gu Ruoyun, you will regret this! If you have the audacity to do this, you will regret this one day!!!"

    Hate! He was consumed with hatred!

    This woman has such gall! he fumed.  She's actually allowing someone to bully and humiliate my beloved Shi'er!

    Wu Yue did not stop at all for in this moment, all the anguish and frustrations that she has had to suffer were unleashed at full force.

    "Shi Yun, long ago, you issued an order to have me cruelly tortured in eighty-two different ways. As a result, my body is now riddled with over a thousand scars. Do you want to see them? I still remember how it felt when you used a branding iron to carve the skin off my body. I can still smell the scorching burns on the skin of my thighs. But you? Not only did you do this to me, you had me bathed in salt and then let maggots crawl all over my body. Do you know how I felt when I watched those maggots crawl all over me? When I think about it now, I want to puke!"

    Initially, the crowd had assumed that Wu Yue was downright cruel but upon hearing about the torture she had to endure in the past, they began to weep for her.

    If she were not subjected to such cruel treatment, how could she possibly end up harboring such bone-deep hatred?

    It's true, then good and evil will always be rewarded!

    "That kind of agony was truly the kind that I will never forget for the rest of my life," Wu Yue breathed heavily and stared emotionlessly at Shi Yun, "But don't you worry, I won't treat you that way. I will only make you watch as I chop your body into pieces one by one. And finally, when I'm done, I'll cut out your heart!"

    No! Shi Yun thought in panic.  Don't!

    Shi Yun shook her head in terror but couldn't even speak. She could only stare pleadingly at Wu Yue.

    "Oh, so you've realized your sins? No. Someone like you will never believe that she has done anything wrong. You would only offer a compromise for the moment. If I let you off, I'm afraid that I'll be subjected to my past tortures once again."

    Wu Yue raised her sword and chopped off Shi Yun's entire arm.

    Fresh blood spurted out from the wound and Shi Yun ended up fainting from the sheer agony of it all.

    "Do you think that you can escape this just because you've fainted? Let me tell you this, I have long been prepared in anticipation for this very day."

    Wu Yue laughed coldly and produced a pot of salt water from her sleeves before pouring it directly into her wound.

    "No, don't, stop!!!"

    Kun Nan cried out hoarsely with bloodshot eyes. His voice trembled, "Don't torture her anymore, grant her a quick death! I beg of you, stop torturing Shi'er, please, let her go..."

    It hurts! He thought.

    At this very moment, Kun Nan felt as if a great needle was piercing through his heart, causing him great pain.

    But he did not have the courage to speak out and ask to endure Shi Yun's torture in her place.

    Because this was all far too cruel!

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi sighed and glanced at Gu Ruoyun helplessly, "Little girl, perhaps you could take her back with you and deal with her then? This is all simply too much of a hindrance for the eyes of the rest of us. Or, you can finish her off."

    Gu Ruoyun lightly raised an eyebrow, "The decision does not lie with me. You should ask Wu Yue, I've handed Shi Yun over to her."


    As soon as Gu Ruoyun had spoken, Wu Yue replied immediately, "Since the Honorable Sir Tianqi has spoken, then I, Wu Yue, shall do this out of respect for the Honorable Sir Tianqi. I will finish her off immediately."

    "Wait a moment."

    Just as Wu Yue was about to execute her, the Honorable Sir Tianqi spoke again.

    This time, even Gu Ruoyun stared puzzledly at the Honorable Sir Tianqi.
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