Chapter 495: The End Of The Trials (1)

    Chapter 495: The End Of The Trials (1)

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    The old man, dressed in black, stood amidst the howling wind. His sharp eyes surveyed his surroundings like a nighthawk.

    A spark of hope ignited in Kun Nan's dark and gloomy gaze at the sight of the black-clothed elder, "Master, save me! Quick, come and save me!" He cried out hurriedly.

    The black-clothed elder frowned and rushed to Kun Nan's side in a flash. Then, he lightly touched his wrist, checking his pulse. Once he felt the energy attacking his system, the old man's face darkened.

    "Kun Nan, who did this!"

    Kun Nan shot Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye a hateful glare, "It was them. They murdered Shi'er and crippled me. Master, you must avenge me in my stead!"


    A strong aura erupted from the body of the black-clothed elder. It raised the debris from around him into a twister which shot into the sky. A haze appeared in the space between his brow and he slowly turned his penetrating gaze towards the two people who stood amongst the ruins.

    "It was you two!"

    Qianbei Ye stood protectively in front of Gu Ruoyun, red-robed and silver-haired. His peerlessly beautiful face was now filled with murderous intent.

    "He deserves to die!"

    "Good, very good!"

    The black-clothed elder smiled in spite of his anger as vicious currents of energy coursed through his entire body. His aura reeked of an impending Armageddon.

    "You've harmed my disciple. As such, I'll ensure that you'll both die without a burial site!"

    The black-clothed elder swiftly threw his fist filled with a powerful force towards Qianbei Ye. In that instant, a great wind rose from his surroundings and his entire being looked as sharp as the blade of a sword.

    Qianbei Ye slowly looked at him and casually raised his hand...


    Not many can withstand the strong impact of a fight between two Martial Honors.

    Hence, the ones who were unable to react in time were immediately blown away by the strong force between the two men. Blood splattered from their mouths continuously. Even the judges' box was completely destroyed by their combined power.

    However, Gu Ruoyun, who had been shielded by Qianbei Ye, was completely unharmed.

    "Is this the true strength of this man?"

    Zuo Shangchen stroked his chin as an almost undetectable light flashed across his phoenix-like eyes, "A Martial Honor... No, his true power isn't merely at that level. He's unable to harness his true power due to the current condition of his body. This man, where had he come from? His appearance in Gu Ruoyun's life wasn't limited to fortunate and unfortunate times. Whatever it is, Xiao Yun'er is Shengxiao's younger sister. I must ensure her safety."


    The black-clothed elder stumbled back, placing his numb hand back to his side. A mouthful of blood nearly shot out from his throat but he forced himself to hold it in.

    With this one attack, he realized that he was no match for this man!

    The old man darkened his eyes at the thought, "I've always thought that Martial Honors only existed within the Three Great Authorities. But I did not expect for such a young genius to appear on our mainland. However, I am an elder of the Spirit Sect, boy. Regardless of the misunderstanding between my disciple and you, come back to the Spirit Sect with me first and I will give you an explanation."

    As long as he comes back to the Spirit Sect with me, I would certainly have a say whether this boy gets to live or die,  he thought.

    Just then, a soft laugh was heard. The man's voice was full of ridicule and mockery, it made the black-clothed elder feel very uncomfortable.

    "I certainly didn't think that some people in the Spirit Sect could be so shameless. Once you've beaten the young one, the older one arrives. You are a seventy to eighty-year-old man. Isn't too shameful for you to bully two young ones?"
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