Chapter 499: The Massacre (2)

    Chapter 499: The Massacre (2)

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    Linlang went into shock and started puzzledly at her delicate features, "We're leaving tomorrow? But isn't there still two more days to the end of the Trials? Could it be that the Dongfang famil has been eliminated?"

    Linlang felt anxious at the thought and her already pale face turned increasingly white.

    Could it be that I've caused a conflict between the Dongfang family and the Immortal Realm? She wondered,  resulting in our elimination? If that's truly the case, then I'm afraid that not even my death can absolve us from the blame!

    "Linlang, you're thinking too much."

    The disciples of the Dongfang family, who happened to have overheard the conversation, hurriedly explained to her, "The Trials have ended. Our Dongfang family has obtained first place."

    "It's finished?"

    Linlang gaped with astonishment, how could this be? Don't tell me that I've been asleep for three days?

    "Of course, you didn't know how cool Lady Gu was today. She challenged all the geniuses of the Medicine Order alone and won."

    The disciple who explained the situation had a face filled with admiration and pretty much hyped up the events to Linlang. Based on his narrative, Gu Ruoyun had become so perversely powerful that she killed all the participants from the Medicine Order with one slap! Linlang was completely in awe and did not regain her senses for a very long time.

    Only one thing played over and over again in her mind...

    The Dongfang family won!

    We've finally won!

    Emotion welled up from the pit of her stomach, causing tears to stream uncontrollably down her face. She quickly covered her mouth with her tiny hand, allowing her tears to roll freely down her face.

    "Wu Yue, what are your plans now?"

    Wei Yiyi raised an eyebrow as she turned to Wu Yue and asked.

    Wu Yue paused before answering, "I want to return to the Medicine Order."

    "The Medicine Order? Are you certain? They're clearly in cahoots with Shi Yun and Shi Yun had died by your hand. If you return to the Medicine Order, you will certainly be in great danger. How about you come back with me to the Hundred Herb Hall?"

    "Senior Aunt, despite it all, my Master is the only daughter of the former Order Master. Those guys wouldn't cross the line. Besides, there are many elders in the Medicine Order who stand with my Master. If the current Order Master plans to do anything to me, I'm afraid that it won't be that easy."

    Wu Yue raised her head and replied, her eyes full of resolve.

    "Alright." Wei Yiyi nodded gently, "Take care of yourself and watch out for your own safety when you return. If anything were to happen, send someone to summon me and I will rush to the Medicine Order as quickly as I can! I can't go with you now but once everything has been settled on my end, I will visit you in the Medicine Order."

    "Take care, Senior Aunt."

    Wu Yue joined her fists and bowed, then took one last look at Wei Yiyi before walking out and disappearing into the night.

    Gu Ruoyun watched her shadow as she left. A glint flashed across her eyes, "Wei Yiyi, are you truly alright with Wu Yue leaving like this?"

    Wei Yiyi laughed bitterly, "And what if I'm not? She is insistent, so I can only respect her decision."

    "Xiao Ye."

    Gu Ruoyun muttered to herself for a bit then turned towards Qianbei Ye, "Follow the members of the Medicine Order tomorrow and deal with them. That way, no one will know of what had happened in Cloud City. Then, we shall meet at the foot of Cloud City."

    She did not give this task to Yunyao and Tianqiong because their powers were only at the rank of a Martial Emperor. It would be impossible to mask their aura in front of other Martial Emperors so there would be a risk of discovery before they even left Cloud City.

    Now, the only one capable of this job, is Qianbei Ye.


    Qianbei Ye lowered his gaze and observed the young girl before him and flashed her an enchantingly mesmerizing smile. His eyes only ever looked at the young girl in front of him.

    "As long as it's someone you want to kill, Xiao Yun, I will do it for you."
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