Chapter 500: The Massacre (3)

    Chapter 500: The Massacre (3)

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    The following day.

    The light of the morning sun was shining down upon all.

    Most of the participating organizations have pretty much packed up their luggage and were ready to leave.

    Gu Ruoyun had just stepped out from the guest house when a figure in peach-pink robes blocked her from leaving.

    Zuo Shangchen smiled coquettishly. Even the phrase 'a magnificence unmatched in his generation' would not be enough to describe his beauty. As a result, Gu Ruoyun sighed and lamented to herself,  why is a coquette like this stuck in the body of a man?

    If he had been born a woman, even Wei Yiyi, whose looks could cause the downfall of nations would be no match for him.

    "Xiao Yun'er, why isn't your little footman with you today?"

    Zuo Shangchen gently curled the corners of his lips as he shifted his gaze to the space next to Gu Ruoyun. His grin broadened as he did not see the silver-haired figure in red.

    Gu Ruoyun calmly shot him a glance, "This matter does not concern you, Fourth Prince. If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave."

    "Xiao Yun'er, come now. How many years of friendship have we had? I only called him a little footman and you're acting so cruelly. It really hurts my feelings."

    Zuo Shangchen clutched his heart dramatically with an obviously exaggerated broken-hearted look on his face. But when matched with that peerlessly beautiful face that could send all living things into a frenzy, it caused the nearby womenfolk to feel completely irritated.

    However, due to Gu Ruoyun's display of great martial prowess in the Trials, no one dared say a single word.

    "Hurt?" Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes, "How is it that I can't really tell that you're actually sad? Zuo Shangchen, I've tolerated your antics time and again on account of the fact that you're my brother's friend, but if you do this one more time..."

    She narrowed her eyes threateningly as she spoke, and smiled curtly, "I won't mind turning you into an actual woman!"

    Zuo Shangchen's expression immediately turned black. It took him a while before he could compose himself and flash a stunning smile, "Alright, I'll stop toying with you. Xiao Yun'er, the Dark Yin Palace and the Dongfang family will be using the same paths. How about we stick together? What do you say?"

    "My apologies." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose, "But from what I can tell, the Dark Yin Palace and the Dongfang family's routes are quite far off."

    "Oh, so you know the address to the Dark Yin Palace, Xiao Yun'er?" Zuo Shangchen grinned from ear to ear as if he did not feel embarrassed that his lie was exposed. He took two steps closer to the young girl. Even his breath held a flirtatious air, "However, for you, Xiao Yun'er, I'd make a detour."

    "As you like."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "Wei Yiyi, Elder Changjin, let's go."


    "Yes, Master."

    Dongfang Changjin and Wei Yiyi replied in unison and the Dongfang family members promptly made their way towards the city gates.

    "Follow them."

    The smile on Zuo Shangchen's face gradually disappeared as he gestured at the gorgeous maidservants carrying his palanquin with a wave of his fan, "Remember, should any dangers arrive later, your sole duty is to protect Gu Ruoyun!"

    In that moment, the man's face no longer held that frivolous smile. A never-before-seen seriousness clouded his alluring eyes.

    Knowing the Immortal Realm, they will never let this this matter go so easily!


    If one wishes to exit the city gates of Cloud City, they will need to pass over a barren desert. At this moment, the number of travelers in the dessert was exceedingly rare. Aside from the Dongfang family, there were only a few scattered members from the other forces.

    "It seems that the Medicine Order has left long ago. They should be out of the city very soon. Wei Yiyi, let's head to the city gate, we will meet up with Xiao Ye there."

    Gu Ruoyun spoke calmly as she raised her head and stared at the clear blue skies.
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