Chapter 502: True Impudence (1)

    Chapter 502: True Impudence (1)

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    The wind started to howl as a sandstorm rose up into the sky. Gu Ruoyun glared coldly at the elders who were floating in the air and staring arrogantly down at her. Her clear cold eyes flashed, "I, Gu Ruoyun, have never claimed to be a good person. However, I've never had any intentions of harming innocent people either. The people that I'd killed were people who deserved to die! Anyone who would beat their own granddaughter to death for the sake of an influential official is not fit to be a grandfather at all!"

    She was no longer the Gu Ruoyun of the past. The previous Gu Ruoyun had been beaten to death by General Gu's stick. As such, why should she recognize that man as her grandfather?

    "Gu Ruoyun, you're twisting words and forcing logic!"

    Bai Xiangtian's expression turned increasingly cold and he spoke in a sharp yet righteous voice, "Regardless of his sins, he is still your grandfather. Without him, you would never have come into existence. Is this how you would repay him as a granddaughter? Even though he had caused your death, you should not harbor any resentment towards him! This is a virtue that all humans should live by! But what had you done instead? Gu Ruoyun, I'll ask you this one more time, will you join the Immortal Realm and mend your ways? If you remain stubbornly insistent, then we have no choice but to enforce justice on behalf of the Heavens and rid the world of a disaster like you!"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "At the end of the day, the Immortal Realm is only made up of a bunch of impudent and bogus noblemen. If you truly practice noble virtues and if someone intends to kill you, you'd better not retaliate. That's what all of you should do. As for me, my apologies. I was born a coward who is afraid of death. I don't understand the concept of returning good for evil. All I know is that I will kill anyone before they kill me first!"

    The members of the Immortal Realm trembled with anger. Never have they encountered such a vicious woman! This will certainly be a disaster for the mainland!

    "So be it!" Bai Xiangtian smiled in spite of his anger, "You damned girl, it seems that you are insistent on remaining the way you are. Now, don't blame us for killing you mercilessly!"


    The power from every Martial Honor erupted in a split second. This force was like a giant mountain which blotted out the sky and covered the earth and it was directed straight at Gu Ruoyun.

    Finally, Zuo Shangchen, who had been sitting in his palanquin, made his move. With a wave of his fan, his peach-blossom-pink robes shot into the sky before landing in front of Gu Ruoyun.

    At that moment, his usually smiling and handsome visage was filled with an unusual solemnness. He squinted his eyes and coldly ordered, "Xiao Yun'er, take the Dongfang family members and run. Leave this to me."

    Gu Ruoyun was stunned. She shook her head, "There are over ten Martial Honors on the opposing side, you are no match for them."

    "Don't worry," Zuo Shangchen turned towards Gu Ruoyun, and smiled magnificently, "I have a move that will ensure the safety of my life and no harm will come to me. However, you will all be a hindrance by remaining here so leave, quickly!"

    Gu Ruoyun paused for a moment before muttering to herself. She then slowly raised her head, "Wei Yiyi, you should all leave. I will stay behind with Zuo Shangchen."


    Wei Yiyi's heart clenched, "No, I won't leave you!"

    "Leave, now!"


    A strong power rose from within Gu Ruoyun and shot up towards the skies as she gave the order. Her eyes were fixed on her opponents.

    Wei Yiyi clenched her fist and slowly relaxed her grip after a long pause, "Master, I understand. I will protect everyone and ensure that they will leave unharmed. Then, I will wait for you at the Dongfang family home."

    "Thinking of escaping?"

    Bai Xiangtian scoffed coldly, "No one's leaving this place today!"


    Just as he spoke, a figure next to Bai Xiangtian shot towards Wei Yiyi and the rest as they made their escape...
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