Chapter 505: True Impudence (4)

    Chapter 505: True Impudence (4)

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    The Honorable Sir Tianqi was thoroughly enraged. A vein burst on his forehead as emerald flames stirred from his very being.

    "Those b*stards from the Immortal Realm would actually dare to do such a thing! They've even allowed so many Martial Honors to gain entry into Cloud City! I can see right through their ploy! You, take me to wherever they are this instant!"

    "Yes, Lord Honorable Sir."

    Wei Yiyi hurriedly scrambled to her feet and sighed in relief.

    She rode on Baobao as they made their escape and made certain that everyone else had arrived safely in the Dongfang family home before rushing back at top speed to ask the Honorable Sir Tianqi for help. From what she can tell, the only one who could save Gu Ruoyun now was the Honorable Sir Tianqi, an elder from the Spirit Sect.


    In the middle of the desert, the cloud of smoke and dust was absolutely suffocating. The air was polluted with countless specks of dust and thickly obscured everyone's sight beneath the bright sky.

    The man's fan had become extremely torn and tattered while his peach-pink robes were drenched in blood. Blood started to rush out from his throat but he forced it down.

    Bai Xiangtian, who had been standing in front him, wasn't in the best shape either. His hair was a tangled mess and he looked as if he had just crawled out from a rubbish heap. His robes looked destitute and haggard. He no longer carried the air of a righteous immortal.

    "My Lord!!!"

    The group of gorgeous women moved to step forward as the expressions on their faces changed greatly but Zuo Shangchen stopped them.

    "None of you are allowed to step in. I want you all to protect Xiao Yun'er with your lives! If the situation becomes critical, block the attacks with your bodies!"

    The maidservants were more worried about Zuo Shangchen but they had to obey his every command.

    No matter what.

    "Yes, my Lord."

    They will protect the woman he wishes to protect with their lives!

    Even if they had to sacrifice themselves, they would not care!

    "Zuo Shangchen," Gu Ruoyun stepped forward and spoke, shaking her head, "It's pointless, there're too many of them. You can't deal with this on your own so let's fight them together. I, Gu Ruoyun, will never bow to these people even if I die!"

    Zuo Shangchen smiled and looked absolutely ravishing. It was as if rows of peach blossoms had just bloomed in front of everyone's eyes accompanied by a fragrant scent which could be detected for a thousand miles.

    "Fighting side by side? That is a great idea! Hypocrites like these members of the Immortal Realm have no right to force us to yield to them. Even if death arrives for us, we will never serve such shameless people."

    As they heard this, the faces of the people from the Immortal Realm changed greatly.

    "You are an idiot boy who doesn't know what's good for yourself. Seeing as you're dying to make us your enemies, we will now give you a taste of true power. You are only two good-for-nothing Martial Emperors yet you would dare to blow your own horn in front of us. You're looking for your own death!"


    In that instant, numerous figures shot towards the horizon before charging at Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen.

    Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen stood with their backs against each other. They were surrounded by the group of gorgeous handmaiden and glared coldly at the white-robed elders who were charging towards them.

    "Xiao Yun'er, are you scared?" Zuo Shangchen smiled as he asked.

    "I'm extremely afraid of dying," Gu Ruoyun clenched her sword tightly in her hand as a smile played on the corners of her lips, "Because I've already experienced death once. But this doesn't mean that I will surrender for the sake of staying alive! If they want me to serve them then I'd rather choose death!"

    It was not that she was not afraid of dying.

    It was because she was afraid of dying that she wanted to stand at the pinnacle of the mainland. It was also because of her fear of death that she had acted so mercilessly towards her enemies and eliminated them completely. This was because she wanted to close off all opportunities for them to harm her...

    As she watched the elders of the Immortal Realm get closer and closer to them, Gu Ruoyun's heart slowly sank.

    Xiao Ye is waiting for me, she thought with resolve. I must hold on until the end!
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