Chapter 506: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (1)

    Chapter 506: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (1)

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    "Yan, show yourself."

    Under the magnificent sky, the young girl took a step back. She pressed her back firmly against the man in peach blossom pink robes and summoned the spiritual beast steadily.


    In that instant, crimson robes emerged from thin air before everyone's eyes.

    The group of elders were stunned and paused in their attack midway, stopping in their tracks. They frowned at the blood-thirsty figure before the young girl.

    The man has one green and one red eye. Both eyes shone with a quiet brilliance, causing the hearts of many to palpitate. Everyone felt as if a poisonous snake had curled itself around their necks, it was a suffocating feeling.

    "A group of Martial Honors?"

    A light wrinkle appeared in the space between Yan's brows. Honestly speaking, if he was still as powerful as before, forget about ten Martial Honors, even a hundred of them would not be a challenge. Alas, he was not as powerful as he used to be.

    "Yan, it looks like you've had your breakthrough." Gu Ruoyun glanced at Yan as she spoke calmly, "Help us fight them while I think of other ways to break the siege."

    Knowing Yan's current level of strength, he was no match for these people. They might have a chance if Zixie awakens from his deep slumber. There's probably no one else besides Zixie who could possibly defeat so many Martial Honors.

    However, Zixie was currently at a crucial part of his cultivation and shows no sign of awakening. So even if she were to scream, she could not pull him out of this deep slumber.

    "A high-level Martial Emperor?"

    Bai Xiangtian's expression changed as he drooled at the sight of Yan. His eyes were clearly filled with greed.

    "I didn't think that you'd have another Martial Emperor spiritual beast on hand. Especially not one that's only one step away from becoming a Martial Honor! Little girl, powerful beings like these would only be a reckless waste of natural resources in your hands. Only the Immortal Realm deserves to have such powerful beings in our possession!"

    He bit his bottom lip covetously and stared at Yan with shining eyes.

    In his heart, only a Martial Honor like himself had the right to own a high-level Martial Emperor spiritual beast. This Gu Ruoyun was only a low-level Martial Emperor, he fumed.  What right does she have to own such a powerful spiritual beast?

    "Gu Ruoyun, since it was you who had summoned this spiritual beast, we can consider it as a gift of respect to the Immortal Realm. We can leave your corpse whole as a gesture of goodwill towards your tactfulness."

    Before even waiting for Bai Xiangtian to speak, an elder from the Immortal Realm standing next to him seized the opportunity and butted in.

    On this mainland, the Immortal Realm was accustomed to acting without any form of hindrance. As long as it was something they wished to own, they would take it by whatever means possible.

    Even if it meant sullying the reputation of the Immortal Realm itself, they would not hesitate to do so.

    Zuo Shangchen laughed mockingly as his beautiful, alluring eyes filled with scorn, "I cannot help but admire the shamelessness of the Immortal Realm. You would stoop so low to snatch the possessions of others. Are you not afraid of retribution?"

    "Retribution? Haha!"

    The elder from the Immortal Realm burst into wild laughter as his white hair danced in the howling winds. He no longer carried the air of an immortal.

    "Boy, have you not heard of the phrase: 'winners become kings; losers become thieves'? This world will always belong in the hands of those with power. No matter how many things we take for ourselves, we will always be victorious in the end so we will be the ones to rewrite the historical records. Even if there's retribution, it will only land on those who have failed!"


    As soon as he had finished speaking, the elder of the Immortal Realm charged towards Zuo Shangchen. His eyes blazed with bloodlust as he aimed his fist forcefully at Zuo Shangchen's chest.

    Zuo Shangchen remained unmoved as he watched the oncoming attack. He smiled magnificently and said, "The 'winner becomes king' saying is indeed a valid statement. Unfortunately, the true victors today will not be the Immortal Realm."
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