Chapter 507: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (2)

    Chapter 507: The Arrival of Qianbei Ye (2)

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    The palms from the two men clashed and a strong force erupted from the collision. A hurricane arose and the man's peach-pink robes danced in the wind.


    The sound of tearing fabric was heard. The powerful wave had ripped Zuo Shangchen's peach-blossom-pink robes into shreds of peach blossom pink fabric which fluttered in the wind. He looked ragged and his smooth flesh, which was more exquisite than any woman's complexion, was now exposed to the eye of the sandstorm.

    Fresh blood trickled slowly down Zuo Shangchen's wrist. His blood trailed in countless red lines which crisscrossed one another as it dripped down his wrist to the palm of his hand. It soon formed a puddle of blood on the ground.


    The elder from the Immortal Realm spat out a mouthful of blood. His expression turned increasingly ugly as he glared at Zuo Shangchen.

    Then, the rest of them made their move.

    A somber and desolate air, mixed with the thick scent of blood, filled the atmosphere in the desert.

    Compared to Zuo Shangchen, Yan had already reached the level of a Martial Honor in the past. Even though he had currently regressed to the level of a Martial Emperor due to his injuries, he could still hold his own in a fight against two Martial Honors because he had once held that power.

    However, he was now outnumbered while attempting to protect Gu Ruoyun at the same time. He soon fell into a disadvantage and was also drenched in blood.

    "Xiao Yun'er."

    Zuo Shangchen blocked his opponent's attack with his sword before retreating towards Gu Ruoyun. He smiled bitterly, "It's likely that we would have no way to escape this time."

    No way to escape?


    I'm not going to die in a place like this!  Thought Gu Ruoyun.

    The young girl's eyes were filled with rising determination, "I still have dreams that I've yet to fulfill so I cannot die! Furthermore, I've worked hard in my cultivation in order to get to where I am today. That had been all for the sake of surviving on this mainland where only the strong are respected. As long as there's even the slightest chance for survival, I will not give up!"


    Bai Xiangtian, who had been stationed nearest to Gu Ruoyun, heard this and burst into laughter. He replied with a cold look in his eye, "Gu Ruoyun, you cannot possibly escape this place. How can the three of you ever hope to win against the ten of us who are Martial Honors? Alright, playtime is over. Now I'm going to send you straight to hell! Nonetheless, I'll spare the lives of your spiritual beasts as they'll be serving me very soon!"

    As long as this woman perishes, I will have ways to make her spiritual beasts my servants,  thought Bai Xiangtian with glee.  Most importantly, spiritual beasts are not idiots, they will recognize the most beneficial choices.

    Gu Ruoyun wiped the blood from the corner of her lips as an eerie smile appeared on her delicate, beautiful features.

    She stood tall with her raven-black hair fluttering amidst the howling winds. Her figure, dressed in green robes, looked like a calm bamboo which stood tall and proud.

    Still, at this moment, the young girl looked like the God of Death himself. Blood was dripping endlessly down the blade of her sword while her entire face was stained with the color of blood.

    "You'll send me to hell?" She sneered, "Don't you worry, hell cannot contain me. Even if I, Gu Ruoyun, is sent to hell, sooner or later I will crawl out the Gates of Hell to storm the Immortal Realm's fortress and kill everyone - none shall be spared!"


    The elders of the Immortal Realm burst into laughter as if they had just heard a really funny joke.

    "You think that you would have the ability to exterminate the Immortal Realm on your own? Crawl out from hell first and then we'll talk!"

    In that moment, the Martial Honors directed their earth-shattering aura, thick with bloodlust, towards the two humans and the spiritual beast.

    As for Zuo Shangchen's gorgeous maidservants, they have already lost their lives protecting their Master and Gu Ruoyun during the previous wave of attacks. Their blood permeated the sand, dying the ground a bright, scarlet red color.
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